Oct. 20th, 2013 10:38 pm
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It was lovely and life-affirming (had some serious cuddle deficiency) and then I lost my best hat on the way home. :'I

But, disregarding that, saw friends and we watched Wrath of Khan and The Whale Movie Voyage Home and gave summaries of the other films to those who had not seen them, since we didn't have time to see all. In fact, had to fast-forward the credits as things were, which made me think they'd picked a much catchier tune for TVH for a moment... >3>;

Films were as they were, which is pretty awesome. Feeling were had... especially for all the fans who saw WoK in the movies back when it came out. Poor dears. Also TVH is the mother of all plotbunnies, such as:

- How did Sulu get that helicopter anyway? Presuming his staggering charm was somehow used but beyond that?
- SOMEONE totally bailed Kirk and co. out there, I wonder who... I mean, it's not like his husband/BF5ever is an influential politician who'd already gotten involved in Kirk's defense.
- In general, I have a need for more Sarek and Amanda. If there isn't any tie-in literature about those two someone needs to get on that. Or fic? Just, all of the films from their perspective. And Amanda talking to Kirk on Vulcan. ALL of it.
- Oh and I'd forgotten the thing with Chekov and now need H/C fic. BBY.

I feel like I'm forgetting a lot. But. Bbies.
We also had amazing dinner courtesy of gluecookie and her parents. Delicious food.


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