Sep. 1st, 2013

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Visited Mathilda for most of the week, and there was much film watching on the theme of comedies and/or musicals. In order: Little Shop of Horrors, Barbarella, Släpp fångarne loss, det är vår!, My Fair Lady and Blades of Glory. )
Oh, and I bought The Invasion of Time (mostly so I can be pretty screencaps of Andred, no regrets) and started reading and borrowed Harvest of Time. UNIT BBIES.

Got back to my own lodgings yesterday, and nothing terrible had happened while I was away. Yesterday I went out to buy food, and today, I've washed laundry and done long-overdue banking and other money arrangements I've been too stressed to tackle for months. Vital things still to do: Pay for a Swedish ID card to start the process of getting one, put last year's uni books on sale (and look for new ones), call about a possible job and try not to die(oAo), get proof of studies and send to KELA in Finland and pay for new student card, I think. For starters. But most of these are not things that can be done on a sunday anyway, even if I felt like it.

I *should* probably neaten up the room but I feel like I'll just end up putting things in neater piles as there's nowhere proper to put them and it's not very motivating. Land people have been meaning to put in bookshelves since before I moved, but the bookshelf they got was too big and there's been talk of putting some up on the walls but it hasn't happened. I don't blame them for that but... it would be nice to have actual place for books, and other things too. Maybe I should visit Ikea and try to find boxes and things to store stuff better in what spaces I've got in my room, as the current furniture pretty much fills it up. At most I could maybe fit a tiny shelf under or beside the window and against the wardrobe. Also, could talk about this plan to land people to see if they'd be willing to pay for those things.

Unrelatedly, I looked at the clothes I chose for staying-in-day, and realized I'm basically wearing eighties scifi-casual.
Right? )


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