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I met taiyou_to_tsuki, gluecookie and a third person who I'm not sure has an lj. But she is also awesome.

There was much bitterness over sexism (both fandomy and otherwise), bad writing and moffatt. Especially ugly laughter was had on behalf of fanboys complaining about sudden influx of shippy fangirls with the new series. Sorry have you noticed some of the writers ship stuff too (including Doctor/Master)? There were tacos. And then we watched some filler Sailor Moon.. :3

Other things:
- It became clear myself and K. have accidentally formed what might be a two person fandom for the fifties Scarlet Pimpernel series. Oops.
- The shorter the Doctor is, the more schemy and adorably evil he is. Exhibit A: 2, who it was argued uses his cuteness to distract people from when he's being devious. Exhibit B: 7. Just Seven. (disc. I love them both <3) (it occurs to me Eight is kind of short too, hmm...)
- From this should follow that his taller regenerations should be more... uh, sincere? Frank? Might work with Three and Six, possibly 5 too, whereas I think Four just filled the extra space with pure 100% apple sauce. Or possibly drugs, we're not sure.
- I still maintain Katy Manning needs to play the Master. Imitating him in an audio, actually being the character, idec. In fact, she could play ALL timelords and it would be perf. Get on it world. Now.

Also there was a clip of her in the new Spearhead from Space blueray trailer and she was wearing black satin gloves with rings on. Omg Katy Manning~~ *hyperventilates*
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