May. 12th, 2013

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Saw gluecookie today, and we watched a bunch of old Eurovision videos (I'm kind of proud of how eighties the Finnish song, in all it's apocalyptic glory, from my birth year is link and also the Mel-worthy hair the singer has), the first two eps of Vicious and then episodes 7-14 of The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel, a British tv-series from 1956.

Apart from some very unfunny rape jokes in the first episode, Vicious is just as lovely as the gifs I've seen on tumblr indicated. Then again, it's Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi playing an gleefully quarrelsome old couple so how could it not be adorable? And the other characters are pretty cute too.

As for TAotSP (links to watch it here btw), I've talked before of the various adaptations of that story that I've seen so far, but this particular version, having seen more of it, it's actually surprisingly good in some ways, for what is mainly a rather light-hearted action series from the fifties. The most impressive thing is how many interesting and capable female characters there have been, even if it's too bad they hardly ever make a reappearance or even get a mention later. But still, cool women! Even older women! Whee! Also Percy (sometimes) saves people other than aristocrats, and one episode explores the fact that when the power shifted the previously leading revolutionaries got the short end of the stick and not everyone agreed with everyone else... and I'll talk more about that under cut.

Also, Patrick Troughton has been increasingly present in the later episodes which has been awesome, even if he's so pretty it's sometimes hard to concentrate on the plot. Mmmm Pat... incidentally, they changed his credits to Patrick Troughton for one ep, then changed them back to Pat Troughton again. We just don't know why.

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