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Other things:
1) I made Microwave Chocolate Mug Brownie for the first time ever due to a sudden craving for sweets and why have I never done that before? Excellent idea.

2) Today while taking the bus for the last stretch home I saw Bessie's baby sister pass by. Smaller, less carriagey and pale yellow, but it had a similar shape otherwise.

3) I've been trying to find a full length casual summer dress for several summers now, and today I actually found one I liked the look of which wasn't too expensive either. And then didn't buy it because while I'm not dead broke I will be by next month at latest so... can I really buy dresses?
Also it's bright green and I wonder if that's too strong a colour (I like green but I might get self-concious/tire of it?). Then again I hardly ever find dresses that actually fit me all over. :/
Ah well. Maybe if I have enough money left after all the bills and the store still has my size...
Oh, but I did buy sunglasses with a gift card I got for my birthday yesterday :D So now I have ones I can actually wear in public (my other ones, from several years back, are green with butterflies on them...)

Anyway, Talons of Weng Chiang can be summarized as episode that would be good if it wasn't for the gross rasism. That kind of... makes it not good. But some of the characters still manage to be interesting/cute. But yellow-face and gross stereotypes. : /

Seriously, the yellowface was just so... annoying, because it's so damn *obvious* and just... were there really no English speaking actors with Chinese/Asian ethnicity to be found? No wait, there was one in the episode but he hardly had any lines either... *grumble* Also the character played by a white actor in disturbing make-up was the only Chinese character in the story who had any sort of nuance, even if he was a villain too. And just. All of them were superstitious tong-members etc... ugh.

(As an aside, bit horrifying to compare this episode with the Blind Banker in Sherlock and see that they saw fit to do almost exactly the same thing re. the stereotypes. And as a less explicit pastiche even...?)

So with all that, I feel a bit bad for liking anything about the episode. Because it doesn't deserve it.

However, things:

- Leela vs. Victorian society. Ahehehehe. Also, now I know that the only thing to make her scream in terror is getting chewed up by a giant rat. In a dirty sewer. No badass points were lost. =A=

- Much snarking (between myself and M.) was had over poor Li H'sen Chang's codependant relationship with Weng Chiang/Magnus Greel. Who was a creepy abusive douchecanoe. I mean, being a villain is one thing, but if you can't even be decent to your own loyal minions that's just... evil.

Serves him right to basically be defeated by forgetting his bag after he dumped the only person who actually had a handle on things. Greel you suuuuck. >:I

And Li H'sen Chang could have performed for the Queen, and instead got half eaten by rats and then died of it after dragging himself to an opium den... why?! ; A ;

- Jago and Lightfoot were bbies though. Jago started out a bit annoying with his false bragging, but then after he and Lightfoot get captured (forget if it was first or second time) he actually admits to not really being that brave and sdsfdgh. Oh, and his fanboying of the Doctor was kind of cute too. And Lightfoot is just adorable all through, how he just goes with Leela being Leela (to the point of eating like she does so as not to make her feel bad) and fearing the wrath of his housekeeper etc.

After seeing the episode, we listened to Jago & Lightfoot audio The Necropolis Express, which if I didn't ship them before def. sealed the deal. They just complement one another so well, because Jago will do things despite being scared so as not to let Lightfoot down but also check his occasional unhealthy lack of fear by actually aving a functioning survival instinct...

Also, kind of lost it when Lightfoot's old "school friend" evil scientist with a seeming obsession on getting L. to work with him so basically his version of the Master turned up. Competition, oh my.
And then he almost got Jago killed so he must have realized he didn't have a chance...

So it seems I've acquired yet another ship of middle-aged men... that does keep happening.

And then today I watched Dragonfire mostly because I wanted to see Ace's introduction, and while it did have some interesting character bits with her, and Mel was also lovely, the plot was just too dumb to be even bad in a funny way.

I did rather like the sets and costuming, but they felt a bit wasted on such a boring story.

I question Mel's life decisions a bit (do you really want to take on the care of a space station with a guy who sold his crew for a bit of cash, REALLY?), but her goodbyes with the Doctor still gave me feels. And the Doctor will never know how close he was to gaining a little frilly girl companion along with Ace. Talking about which, I kind of liked that character for all that she was rather random. Or maybe because of that.
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