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I was skeptical to the the last because it all seemed to good to be true but. THEY DID FIND EPISODES. ENEMY OF THE WORLD OMG ¤3¤ And Brig's first serial. YETIS.

But. SALAMANDERRR. And Pat. Just. Moar Pat eeh. (And Jamie in leather. Probably only time we actually see him in pants, good going there evil!Pat. Cx) Probably won't actually see them until they come out in hard copy but I can wait.

Been walking on air today. Also, I've been listening to Jokerman by Bob Dylan and trying to decide if it's a good Two song or better for Seven? Besides that, attended seminar where I feel I was fairly eloquent, and then went over to gluecookie and we watched.

1)Tintin in Tibet, in the form of the 1991 cartoon that actually seems to be really good. The Swedish dub as well, I like how passionate Tintin is, and unlike in the English version, Chang doesn't sound like a little kid either. Haddock's actor is good too, especially at cursing. x) Also unsurprisingly all the feels were had.

2)The Dominators, which I know a lot of people don't like but... I actually really enjoyed it? In part for reasons that probably SHOULD have made it bad. But didn't. IDEK.
Let's talk about bickering married villains, adorable killer robots and ugly costumes, but also why the episode spoke to me on a visceral level. )


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