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I was skeptical to the the last because it all seemed to good to be true but. THEY DID FIND EPISODES. ENEMY OF THE WORLD OMG ¤3¤ And Brig's first serial. YETIS.

But. SALAMANDERRR. And Pat. Just. Moar Pat eeh. (And Jamie in leather. Probably only time we actually see him in pants, good going there evil!Pat. Cx) Probably won't actually see them until they come out in hard copy but I can wait.

Been walking on air today. Also, I've been listening to Jokerman by Bob Dylan and trying to decide if it's a good Two song or better for Seven? Besides that, attended seminar where I feel I was fairly eloquent, and then went over to gluecookie and we watched.

1)Tintin in Tibet, in the form of the 1991 cartoon that actually seems to be really good. The Swedish dub as well, I like how passionate Tintin is, and unlike in the English version, Chang doesn't sound like a little kid either. Haddock's actor is good too, especially at cursing. x) Also unsurprisingly all the feels were had.

2)The Dominators, which I know a lot of people don't like but... I actually really enjoyed it? In part for reasons that probably SHOULD have made it bad. But didn't. IDEK.

Where do I start... ok the costumes kind of slap you in the face with "what were they thinking?!" but after laughing myself sick I oddly began to appreciate how strange they are? Like, this HAS to be based on some alien aesthetics because it's the only way it makes sense? Also I found myself wanting to do an ethnological study on the Dominators' gigantic shoulderpads. Did they have an evolution where they became bigger and bigger? Do they have vulnerable necks? Do they just feel it looks nice?

Probably unintentionally, apart being invested in the survival of the main trio, who are their usual adorable selves, for the most part I found myself almost more interested in the conflict between the two villains, Navigator "Preserve energy!" Rago and Probationer "Destroy EVERYTHING" Toba. And their adorable childre... I mean Quarks. Cutest killer robots in Who. >3< Also how cute is it that they actually have a character arc where each comes to appreciate the other's view in the end after being in the brink of divorce giving up on the other? :'D (and then both get exploded by the Doctor but shhh we don't talk about that).
Oh, and Rago reminded me of a dinosaur with his expressionless kohled stare. Awww.

Meanwhile, the High Council of Dulcians was Most Irritating (did Rassilon dump a bunch of Gallifreyans who really irritated him on that planet once upon a time or something?). Although just as I'd given up giving a damn about any of that bunch the ones who actually spent time with the main trio actually had some character development and became sympathetic too?

Talking about the main trio. Zoe is just AWESOME. Smarter than everyone and can carry rocks too if she needs to. Uwu. =3= Meanwhile Jamie just pretends he understands any of this science stuff and then goes to kill killer robots with rocks like a fearsome adorable rabbit.

And Two... terrible evil cutie. Jamie gets so frustrated with him at times it's hilarious. That or they're clinging. I AM TRYING NOT TO SHIP YOU STOP IT.

Favourite quotes:
Educator Balan: "Young lady, I cannot allow you to incite my pupils! Resistance will only lead to violence!"
Zoe: "And submission leads to slavery!"

I mean, I appreciate you don't always have the resources, but as Jamie says later on while he and Cully are stuck in a bunker about to suffocate to death and have failed to wedge the hatch open:

Cully: "It's no good, it's stuck again! What do we do?"
Jamie: "There's only one thing TO do. Try again!"

I guess, the message I'm getting/which speaks to me is that yes, going around sowing nothing but violence will probably get you exploded sooner or later, but passively accepting what you see before you as the only option available is no better. And if you fail at getting out of a bad situation you try again or die trying. And hopefully you aren't trying to budge that rubble alone.


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