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... I'm bored and felt like babbling.

Rather annoyed at the title of that fic, btw, since I picked it very much in a hurry and later realized I accidentally copied the title of aralias' fic on the same exchange... *sigh* But I still don't really have any other ideas, and it seems awkward to change it now? :/ At least I DID write something and it didn't feel completely horrible. :'D

In other news, went to the red cross second hand down the hill, where it turned out they were having an 50% discount day on everything. Got a tunic (geometric pattern in varying shades of purple, I think), a green t-shirt, some belts (to hold up my various slightly too large pants/shorts) and a grey-black purse that is slightly bigger than my shoulder bag(s) and so might be good for when uni starts again.

Been looking for a pretty, comfortable summer skirt with a wide hem that I could afford, but I haven't even seen many I could have considered. There was one at the second hand today, but it felt a bit tight at the waist (why aren't there any circle skirts with stretchy waist ANYWHERE?) and I already have that problem with the one skirt that would otherwise fit the description, so didn't want to risk ending up with another.

Currently considering if I should make another batch of instant noodles... maybe use two bags this time so I don't get really hungry after a few hours again. >_>
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