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Apparently (while I was still dreaming of being chased by the mongol hordes in an antique car chase in a secret underground tunnel and later Genghis Khan in the form of a giant cartoon cat, typical dream stuff) my mom had tried to start sewing the cape, but alas, the sewing machine didn't work! She concluded it was probably the lamp, so after calling in my brother to help open up the machine and removing the lamp, we looked up places near our area that might sell new ones.

Then, I thought to mention that the previous night when I came to the kitchen right before going to bed, one of the lights had popped and they didn't work after that. So in fact there was nothing wrong with the machine, the fuses had merely died in the parts of the house where my mom tried to use it (the fuses in the kitchen area and utility room are connected apparently).
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Today it was warm and sunny, so myself and my sister E. went to swim in the nearest lake, where we invented water yoga poses (the best one was probably the couch potato, in which one folds their hands behind their head and folds their knees) and practiced a graceful handstand + forward roll in water which I was better at and doing whale imitations which my sister found easier. And then we stood still and tried to get fish to nip at our feet which was pretty easy actually. Though my sister found it kind of creepy, I just felt they tickled a bit, and the cuteness overrode that. Bby fish <3

She's 19 and I'm 26. No regrets.


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