Aug. 7th, 2013

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Things this week:
Monday: Saw a friend, ate quite nice Indian buffet (yum) and then we went to her house and watched Lilo & Stitch and The Rise of the Guardians. The first was just as awesome as I'd been led to believe, both for various representational reasons (Awesome POC! As the majority of relevant and positive characters! Awesome female character who was not stick-thin in a central role! Wheee) and because it was simply well done story and animation and all. More about that )

Meanwhile, The Rise of the Guardians was... ok, but I think it suffered from the comparison. The animation was lovely, the characters were cute enough but... the story and character dynamics were nothing new, and I don't think it would really stand up to any kind of feminist or post-colonial critique. (I mean, the cast is overwhelmingly male and white, so). Which is not exactly unusual either, but still. That said, there was something about Jude Law playing a bad guy. He has a nice voice. =A=

Tuesday: Slept until criminally late even for me so nothing much happened, except that I walked to the library and borrowed a giant pile of CD's (14) in the hopes of finding new music and/or new music to use in fanmixes I've been working on. I need to go back for more sometime...

And Today: Watched Face of Evil with my sister and it was good. Leelaaa~ She is awesome. Meanwhile, Four is a jerk but I think I'm starting to warm up to him as such. I mean, he does do dumb stuff (in an environment where Leela actually often knows better and against her advice) but then it generally leads to bad stuff/needing to be saved by her. Ha. And just, picking a random example of Leelawsome, "Oh you say the world is ending? No use covering on the floor then! *gets on with things*"

Also it amuses me that spoilers )

Next, I'm going to watch Leela's last serial because I do what I want. Also I want to do cute Leela/Andred stuff. >3>


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