Jun. 13th, 2013

Slow day

Jun. 13th, 2013 07:04 pm
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I was going to walk to town center for groceries and general looking around shops, but it was raining a lot until it was too late to go, so nopes. Feeling generally tired and icky (skin's acting up etc), suspect hormonal cycle, in addition to having indulged with snacks... and haven't had anything to eat but (kind of icky) noodles in a couple of days now either. Looking forward to getting something else when I actually can do a bit of shopping. Maybe I could splurge and get some chicken, even... and def. yoghurt so I can have lots of smoothies again. Just never getting Milbona's strawberry yoghurt again, that was terrible and not even that cheap.

My favorite is one with strawberry yoghurt, banana, pineapple juice and a couple of leaves of fresh basil... mmm. Ugh why can't I have one now :''3

Should probably try to write fic. If I feel better after dinner (scones, with honey and butter on them, jsyk), perhaps. Considering starting a new cracky kidfic, because I have no shame. And the main characters WILL be fluffy, or else. Stupid timelords... *muttermutter* >_>-->

Oh, and I finally finished reading Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy.
thoughts on that )

Also decided to watch some TOS Star Trek and of course managed to pick an episode that made me raeg. Who Mourns for Adonais and the rant on tumblr.

 photo 4fd48edf-2078-46b0-8cb7-2348fe8ad9d7.jpg

Remember kids: guys floating in space telling you how you should feel are invariably douchebags. (context: he'd just said Spock couldn't come play because Apollo didn't like his face)


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