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Debated posting because I've mostly been feeling kind of miserable the last two days thanks to period and general depressiveness of things costing too much... but eh (at least I have the dumb ticket home now).

Midsummer's eve (on friday) was actually quite nice. Went shopping in the early afternoon, got some minimal groceries and sunglasses because... uh, they were on sale and when I bought my last ones I was debating between them and others of the type. So now I have two pairs in similar colour and pattern but the new ones are rounder. I am pleased. The fact that Jon Pertwee has very similar ones in one old picture had nothing to do with the matter. Nothing whatsoever.

On the way back the play park on the way was empty so I went to confirm that yes, there is a trampoline there (set over a hole in the ground) and then bounced and also used the giant swing thingy for a bit. After that wasted several hours on because nothing is funnier than bad porn.

In the evening I mostly spent time with the family here (have I mentioned I feel a bit like I've been unofficially half-adopted by them? It's very nice. :'D). We ate typical Swedish party foods (pickled herring. Other things too but pickled herring is the Thing) and talked about pretty much everything. At one point, even scifi. I feel the most surreal moment was when I was arguing with my landlady's son over whether the guy who plays Luke in Star Wars was ever good looking or not (I mean, I'm not saying he was super pretty but sort of boyishly cute, surely?). Also I got to talk about classic who at him (he's a new!who fan).

Did manage to catch taiyou_to_tsuki on skype after and... jsyk the thought of mirrorverse evil!Three as the dictator of earth still gives me the vapours there is something wrong with me...

As mentioned, unfortunately nothing much has happened since then because I've been first achy, tired and cranky, slept fourteen hours and then commenced to be in low spirits until... some time ago. Watched some slightly dubious BBC documentaries about ancient Rome (for example, they presented all the bad rumours about Caligula and Nero etc as undisputed fact, is that really ok?) and vegetated on the sofa until I felt up to making some food and after that felt a bit better.


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