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I visited Sweden to attend a Hetalia meet on the Swedish national day. While I'd traveled here on my own once before that, then I'd done so to visit relatives, rather than on a trip of my own initiative to meet people I'd only spoken to online (if that).

I was surprised when I checked the date on old entries and found it really was *only* four years ago, because it feels like so many of the big things that have happened in my life hinged on that trip... I met two of my current best friends, gained confidence re. traveling and fell in love with Stockholm which inspired me to go on an exchange year which made me realize university, rather than being beyond my academic capabilities, was actually if anything more suited to me than the practical studies I was doing...

So, if I hadn't gone on that trip, my life would probably be very different now. I can't even say how much so? Which is strange to think about.

In less existential news, have finished writing my last home exam for Ethnology I, and going to return it tomorrow. And also attend a job interview, though right now the job doesn't seem very good (even if they do offer it). All I know is that it involves selling some kind of rather expensive event and restaurant guide book to tourists and other people, and that the wage is "variable". All sounds rather ominous. But we'll see.


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