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Which will be mushroom pie again, hopefully it'll
be as good as the last one. Mmm pies. Especially savoury ones. =3= Oh right, better not forget the bacon this time.

Yesterday: Was spent in a fog of misery. Basically, internet didn't work (again) until the afternoon, was feeling generally sucky, went to the forest but ended up too warm and afraid of ticks (at least walking in the long grass) to really enjoy it (although I did get some nice photos), got a terrible craving for bagels and walked to town then realized they're not sold here. :I I tell you when I go back to Finland I will buy a bag of vanilla bagels and eat the heck out of them... Oh and then I found out the trip home will be almost double as expensive as I expected. Urgh. I feel bad for my parents having to pay my... everything.

Today so far I've woken up amazingly early at nine, applied for a few jobs in Finland, talked with mum who said she'll send more money just in case (*sigh*), sent an overdue message regarding a couple of squiddies I'm selling, looked for wild strawberries on the hill above the plot (none, though I saw a lot of blueberry plants, maybe I'll even be back in time to pick those...) and washed laundry and set it up to dry.

So, still failing at life but it doesn't get to me as badly today?
Still haven't dared to look at a... thing I painted the night before last though... =A=


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