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So I did get into onto the course in the end despite failing to register in time. It's been nice having more humane amounts of work for a change *knocks on wood* and I should probably take the opportunity to find extra work but not sure I want to give up the free/recovery time. I seem to spend enough of it being exhausted or feeling bad as it is...

Other things: Been following the Swedish Eurovision (where they pick a representative to the big competition) and there's one semi-final, the "second chance" and final left... I think?). Not sure any of the performances I've liked have gone on so far?

- First part of s.3 BBC Sherlock... and let's just say I feel no need to follow the series further. Pretty sure Sherlock in that series is actually some kind of mind-controlling eldritch parasite creature (and that headcanon made watching more palatable tbh because it made things make some sense)

- Various episodes of Granada Holmes, most notably the tv-movie version of The Master Blackmailer (based on the Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton). I was a bit dubious at first how well they could have extended the story to a 102 min. movie... but it turned out the time was used to establish various victims of Milverton as sympathetic characters and up the emotional stakes of everything. Especially liked the several different great female characters (sad that continues to be so rare). I could go on about my feels for all of them but I'll spare you that... but yeah, the climax was about 10x more awesome when you actually knew the avenging angel (and they were equally awesome and painfully human). And we got a character who seemed at first like an air-headed, shallow feminine stereotype but... she was also a person who worried about not being able to live up to her fiances idealized idea of her. There was even some queer representation, even if somewhat problematic such (and we're sorry for laughing at poor Captain Dorking's name but. Dorking. x'D) Talking about which, while I'm not sure what the makers intended to say there, Holmes' relationship with Agatha was quite interestingly portrayed. (Agatha was also great and I hope things went well with her after the event because bby). Cinematography was even prettier than usual too. Highly recommend.

Less to say on the other eps I re/watched, except the Dying Detective had surprise Caroline John (great even in a tiny role ¤A¤) and Holmes was even more terrible than I recalled. Idk why Watson and Hudson put up with him... and I've only now noticed how much the series uses contrasting coloured light-effects (like making things pink and green or such). Apparently it might be an eighties thing. Looks nice anyway.

The Six Napoleons is still adorable, and now I realized that basically it's like watching a haughty cat (Holmes) showing off to two excited dogs (Watson and Lestrade) while pretending not to thrive on their admiration. Should draw that.

on the DW front, saw The Invasion which had too many adorable characters. The Tiniest Team Tardis AND Unit? That's just too much. =A= Even the animated bits were less distractingly terrible than in Reign of Terror (maybe because they didn't try to hard for realism?) although I'm a bit frustrated not knowing if BBC ACTUALLY made people climb out a window onto a roof and then through the air into a hovering helicopter (and then burn the evidence ofc)? Also the most important question: Who the heck is Captain Turner that the Brigadier calls him Jimmy of all things??? That is just wrong. But yes, I liked the serial.

Heroes of Sontar kind of reminded me of reading a Terry Pratchett book where it's funny with an underlying tragedy and as a result lures you in and then stabs you in the soft bits, so to say. But the cast is... fallible and yet not (entirely) unsympathetic and made me see Sontaran culture in a newish light. In other words, cute Sontarans! :'D I kind of shipped Turlough with one of them... by which I mean they had interesting effect on one another as characters. Tegan got to be awesome which is always great. So are ship fuel moments between her and Nyssa, in my books.

Talking about which, the Emerald Tiger (I think might actually come after HoS?) was also nice for this team. I won't spoil the events but it's basically an Indiana Jones film with DW characters. I did have some conflicted feels on the reference material (mos notably the Jungle Book and Tarzan) as most of it is v. steeped in gross colonialism/racism and I'm not sure the format can be entirely separated from that (or that tET succeeded/tried very hard), but it was an exciting and vivid story, by itself. :/
And there are were-tigers. And Tegan being awesome again. So there's that.

Jago & Ligtfoot audios continue to be good light listening because they are short and sweet (despite the
horror elements). And to comment the strains of subtext with Lightfoot (where he's clearly deeply sympathetic to the situation on queer/gay people in Victorian society and seems to have some undefined past relationship with Wilde...) here's to hoping that if they don't make him canonically queer (not really expecting it with BFs track record, tbh), at LEAST please don't give a clear-cut straight explanation? Ah well, we'll see.

Was going to write about newest AUs but this post has gotten long so I'll keep that part short.

A guestion: If Third Doctor was a (entirely human) university student in late 1980s Britain, what sort of music would you think he would like? What was the cool thing to like back then? Clearly this is v. important detail.

And. Somehow I've ended up writing a faux-academic/meta-fic essay about Doctor/Master as characters in an invented greco-roman-ish culture's religion where DW characters are mythological figures. The Doctor being a fairly minor deity that is often more a trickster or a folk hero than someone anyone would pray to and the Master is various different figures related to Death... to put it simply. Uh. Also I try not to think of Four in this AU late at night or I might never sleep again because he is the scariest boogeyman ever.
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