Oct. 7th, 2013

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Which was not much as I was still feeling a bit meh but...

- slept late.
- talked with my mom, complained about uni stress which for once made me feel a bit better.

- watched two documentaries, one about the Voynich manuscript that was only mildly sensational. One lady was convinced it was done by Leonardo da Vinci as a child based on... nothing, as far as I could tell. *eyeroll* But at least they admitted it didn't work in real life. Also Edward Kelley was in it! :D Even though they found he likely didn't make it either. The second documentary was about Icelandic sagas but I kind of zoned out on it. Needed more feminist critique, imho.
- Also watched the first part of The Vikings since it was on tv. It's very... movie-y visually? Seemed ok if not great, next time I might actually try to NOT do crochet while I watch...

- Talking about which, finished the matching beret for the scarf, did a bunch of leaves to add to the roses and attached them. And then I tried making a pouch for my cellphone, though it came out a bit too large. Still, I was half testing a garn and model anyway so no big loss.
- And then I cleaned my room slightly since a carpenter might visit sometime this week to look at the wall and/or attach some shelves so I needed to reduce clutter on the table and generally make things less embarrassing.

And now I might try sleeping... maybe. >_>


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