Nov. 14th, 2013 04:12 pm
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So I was going to start writing last night and then I went to check what it would cost to travel home for Christmas and there was a lot of crying. On one hand, it costs a ridic sum (not as much as in the summer, but then it was a longer visit), I'd only be there three weeks tops AND I need to write a 15 page essay somewhere in there (which I know I'll be bad at while at home)... all in all more sensible to stay here. Then again I've always been with family for Christmas and I've not seen them since last summer and dunno if I'll be going on the next yet so... I do really want to see them. :/ I think I'll talk with my mom about it next time we do...

Tumblr has spoiled me to some new DW developments. Not sure what I feel about that yet.

aaand hopefully I'll actually get to writing today. Can only hope some important plot point become clearer as I write, as right now they are a bit fuzzy. Also was thinking earlier in the shower about how terrifying it is to do things knowing it can and most likely will fail at least in some aspects, and that only becomes worse when it comes to representation and other issues where, if done wrong, you can actively hurt people. But then the only way to get better or get anything DONE in general is to try? (and, you know, do research, listen to people and think things through, but there's only so long you can do that, especially with a looming deadline and life to live...)


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