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While listening to music:
"Oh, this song doesn't work for any of the (three) playlist I'm already working on but it would be great for X! :D" And then I have two more. :P Currently: General multi-era Doctor/Master, Shalka!D/M, Yates/Benton (using pre-nineties music) and since yesterday 11th Doctor playlist and possibly one for Ben/Polly ... oh, and all last night was spent working on a crack!playlist for Three/Delgado!Master that I intended not for general consumption but we'll see how it turns out. (ETA: Have since finished and am v. proud of it, but IS there even a way to share fanmixes besides 8track these days? And if this one isn't played in order it kind of loses it's point, I feel...)

In other news, went shopping yesterday, got: modelling clay (there was a 4 of anything with one free sale >3>), in colours of mint, translucent red (whatever that means), marble (white with black bits and glitter) and fluorescent. It really glows a radioactive green in the dark! ¤3¤ Also got two different kind of earring bases. I'm a bit concerned how hard the clay is to work with (it's Fimo). After I got home it turned out we also had a bunch of packages of Cernit so. What do I do with all these modelling clays??? Besides making tentacle earrings. And mini foods are always cute too.

Also got some new socks. Overknee (not that they ever stay that high up without rolling down) blue ones and charcoal tights that turned out to have a corduroy-like texture when on. Sooft <3


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