Dec. 22nd, 2013

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After the worst ferry trip so far (not the worst trip home, because that was missing a flight and being stuck overnight at a Danish airport sans ticket, which is approximately how I imagine being in limbo would be like), thanks to a person who, while she had reasons to complain, still made everything more horrible with constant complaining and most of all being rude.

rant )

Good side: because I had to lie still in the dark but couldn't fall asleep for hours (I tried being outside the cabin too but there weren't any comfortable places to sit, also there were first screaming children and later drunk middle aged men wandering about) ended up finally braving some dw audios I'd been wary about, the companion chronicle Home Truths (v. spooky/atmospheric, ending made me cry a bit) and Jubilee which wasn't nearly as soul-crushing as a expected based on what I'd heard. For a Six and Evelyn audio it was actually kind of light *shot* Or, more likely, my emotions were too battered by sleeplessness and stress by that point? Either way, liked it. Evelyn is great so great even a Dalek agrees, heeh.

And then I got home and that was great. So far have... done family stuff. Like rolled on the floor laughing so hard I can't breathe and belting songs on Singstar with sisters. V. good.
Now, I think I might continue reading some fic. You know that awkward moment when you find a fic that has a premise/kink you really like and it's well written and IC but... also a ship you kind of feel guilty about liking at all? (in this case Five/Turlough. I'm a terrible shallow person. B-but pretend!slavery fic with D/s aspects and dommy Five...!). 8'3

Well, it's also making me want to write that Three/D!Master fic with a similar premise so egh. Silver lining?


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