Oct. 5th, 2013

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Had one yesterday that I fought to ignore/damp down all day but it still ended up in a mini-melt down (half-spoiled zucchini being the last straw this time). Feel a bit bad for landlady who had to witness that, but at least she's understanding of these things. Once again, I think how odd it is, knowing perfectly well that I'm feeling bad over things that aren't worth in it in any logical way but that just makes it worse? And then afterwards I just go "Well, that was senseless". Also feel lucky they usually pass quick for me, since it could be so much worse.

Anyway, returned the papers for last course, which I feel pretty ok about, and had the intro for the method course which worries me a bit. I need to do an ethnological observation and write about it for next thursday, and I have no ideas for a theme or what to observe. And after that there's an interview task... somewhat doubting my entire choice of orientation. 8P Though I guess I'm not the only one who things these things are troublesome. I mean, I just read in the course lit that researchers can end up in awkward/unpleasant situations in the field, and then they usually have *some* authority and aren't just like "um I'm doing an university thing so can I stand around creepily and write down things that happen?"

More positive things! I bought a bath bomb from Lush yesterday. Very nice, except for how I needed to clean the tub afterwards to get rid of yellow stains, and also I'm not sure my skin liked it very much. Still, it smelled nice and that was super relaxing. Also had candles! Also finished a scarf I've been making and learned to crochet roses and made two. Used this guide for making the flower heads.

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