Apr. 16th, 2013

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So, horrible things happened in the world and... as usual I don't feel there's much to say about it. I hope everyone I know and theirs are ok? :'(

That said... applied for some jobs yesterday, and then later started feeling off for no reason, even before I heard about the Boston thing. Elementary was good as usual, I've been following it on Swedish tv (last night it was the third ep) and really liking what I'm seeing. Holmes is a genius who also has serious weaknesses (which are clearly presented as such by the narrative) and he recognizes that? Watson doesn't let him get away with BS... and Holmes can also admit that is valid and good? (Also awesome Watson eeeh) Squee!

Anyway, not even the awesomeness was enough to pull me out of my funk, so I just went to bed early (at 11ish... yes that's really early for me) and then woke up about ten to five to some twittering birds. THE SUN WAS NOT EVEN UP PROPERLY. Ah well, at least I had time to make actual breakfast and watch Nash's review of the Doctor Who Tv-movie and try not to wake everyone with laughter. Because the Tv-movie.

Now I'm just trying to decide which coat to wear, since we're going to Skansen on a class trip which means both running around on (admittedly often windy) hills and standing around in damp, unheated old wooden houses listening to guides talk about stuff. And it's supposed to be 10C but cloudy. Tricky. Either I take a winter coat and risk being too warm, or one of the summer jackets (with some layers, but still) and probably get chilled at some point. :/


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