Jan. 21st, 2013

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The good: Last week was spent more or less writing the home exam for the last part of the museology program's introduction course. Returned that on Friday, and then went to pick up some yarn at my favourite yarn store. Where they of course had some on sale that weren't exactly what I was looking for but wonderfully soft and luxurious (alpaca and linen and wool, bwah). And limited edition. =A=
So, I resisted but if there's still some in acceptable colours I might have to get one or two... just need to decide between gray, darker gray or black with white threads?

And then I spent the Saturday watching Doctor Who with friends. Specifically the tv-movie and Tomb of the Cybermen. One is so terrible it's... well, I was alternating between frustration at the badness, howling in laughter over same, and simple confusion. Tomb of the Cybermen, on the other hand was very lovely. And I might talk about them more some other time. Classic Who Cybermats are just the most adorable thing ever and I want one (maaaybe could use that leftover gray/metallic yarn to try crotchet one?)

The bad: Been having a cold since the weekend before last but have had to/chosen to ignore it due to reasons. Compounded with lack of enough sleep for the last... three days? Anyway, today I started in Ethnology I as a planned major for the museology degree. cut for further whining )


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