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So, what have I done last week... nothing productive. I did finally manage to purchase new shoes, which are like my old shoes but black. I didn't even try any other size because I assumed they'd fit me, but now they actually seem to be long enough that the tip bends when I walk and rubs at the top of my toes. I can just hope that'll stop once the leather softens.

Yesterday I scanned a bunch of old pictures, both of me and my parents' childhood/youth. I find class pictures especially interesting for seeing old fashions. Still, I ended up scanning so much I now have a hard time deciding what to post, and I have some older scans too... *sigh* Already posted a few that were just of me on tumblr. Not that I know anyone is even interested in this, but if I worried about that more than I do already I'd never post anything.

Just now I was scrolling back to see if I could find that previous post, but only found a bunch of other old embarrassing posts. Funny seeing that things regularly had +10 comments. And I was just as bad at replying back then as now. Which I honestly feel rather terrible about (now, not much I can do about then). But I leave it off and then it's been so long it seems worse to reply than not...

Oh, and I listened to the first two parts of Welcome to Night Vale the other day when I was feeling really awful. So I'm not sure if it'll work for me or not. Back then I mostly felt sort of tired and melancholic and listening to WtNV didn't change that but... I have to try again in a different mood I guess.
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