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Yesterday I took the train to the community center, which is pretty small potatoes but after being cooped up at home for more than a week it felt very refreshing. Ended an insurance that no longer applied since I moved to Sweden, my sister fixed a bank problem and then we just looked around at the library and shops.

I bought some drawing paper and a tiny bottle nail polish and she found a Doctor Who novel of all things, in the discount bin (for only 5euros). The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards, which is about Nine and Rose in 1920s England. It's a bit weird to read in Finnish, especially when the Doctor uses Finnish slang words. Which made me wonder what sort of "northern" accent he'd have in Finnish anyway. :'D

Also, finally made a selling post for the squiddies and then right after I heard that paypal accounts can get frozen if you try to access them from another country. I don't have a lot of money there atm but I'd rather not lose it, and besides if there's any sales I might need it... I guess I'll worry about that if there's any interest. Also there was another potential problem getting the money from paypal to my normal account, but my brother promised to test it with his.

Meanwhile, while I'm here I have some manga I'd like to sell as well but... that I think I'd rather do in Finland. Not sure where to start though. Somewhere online would probably be most profitable. I'll have to look into it.

Incidentally, yarns I want to buy while I'm here:
One of these "brook"-yarns, saw some of the colours at a dollar store and though I was a bit iffy on the colour combinations they had a lovely smooth feel to them.

Also, while I was looking for them online, came across this "milkshake" series and especially the multicoloured ones seem super adorable. And they're bamboo mix! ¤A¤ (mind, need to get my hands on them to see how they feel irl)

What do you mean I don't need new yarns??? ;=A=;
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