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IOW I survived, despite getting feverish for no apparent reason the day before I had to travel (great timing there). Was most miserable just a bit before I had to go too... but luckily the medication kicked in in time. On the way, I shared a tiny (and ludicrously expensive but can't travel without) cabin with an older woman who had planned to travel alone and started out a bit flustered (though not meanly so) but was later very friendly. She also suggested I should offer to work as an extra at a daycare she also works at in autumn so... possible job? That'd be cool, though we'll see. And then I saw Mariehamn (capital of Ă…land Islands) which I've passed in the night several times, but usually it was dark and I was in bed. This time it was sunset so I got some pretty pictures.

And then I got home, saw some of family and later slept from 8pm to two in the afternoon... in my defence I had three nights of little sleep and being sick behind me. Still feel tired and headachey but not feverish. While I was gone, my sisters have graduated upper secondary, and got a study place as a confectioner and ...something with tooth prosthetics respectively. Same sister has also grown various plants from (store bought) fruits and vegetables, currently having them from oranges, pepper, avocado, melon and over a metre high cherry tomatoes that already have several raw fruit on them. I don't know how she does it really. Oh, and my brother has bought two guitars and is learning to play but haven't heard that yet, although he was here briefly yesterday.

Finnish tv is still showing Doctor Who, starting with season 7 today... not super enthused but I guess I might as well watch it, especially as my sister will anyway. Might skip Angels in Manhattan though because of reasons... oh, and last night before I went to pass out The Saint (Interlude in Venice from 1966) was on tv and suddenly Patrick Troughton appeared, playing an Italian inspector. :D
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