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Since last:
- Drew Three and companions in the style of this one. Should do Two as well (at least) before posting but... kind of not inspired? I have an idea but it feels too similar to One's and therefore boring. :I
- Watched a series of documentaries about Italian gardens. Now want to go see Garden of Bomarzo and Gardens of Ninfa. I mean, Romantic historical garden with ACTUAL real roman/medieval ruins. ¤A¤ *sigh*
I guess I put that on the dream list...
- Took pictures of sisters in their graduation dresses and hats. Also got some pictures of myself so mom could have a new one to display.

Also... apparently there is a series about (famous) hotels on tv with Richard E. Grant. An episode was on tv today and the theme was... sex. So basically Richard E. Grant talking about sex a lot. But some of the stuff was pretty sexist. So I'm not sure what to feel. And in that theme, then I got on tumblr and came across this clip of Jon Pertwee getting a massage while lying on a sofa. Apparently naked. And then a ventilator fan falls on him so that kind of spoils the mood but what comes before that is still way too hot why. I.

World stahp. TOTALLY UNRELATEDLY I wonder if it's too late to take a nice cooling walk. EDIT: did, then heard a song on the radio that gave me Yates/Benton feels and now I want to talk about ideas/headcanons I have for them but not actually write fic because that's too hard. Would that be obnoxious though... =~=
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