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Watchet it online yesterday because I had a headache (probably from reading out in the sun) and wanted to watch something dumb but amusing. Which... it kind of was. Despite several really wince-worthy bits.

The worst was obviously the unfortunate eugenistic undertones with the androgums... Doctor, so rather than protesting Dastari supposedly improving another species by adding foreign DNA to them, you think said species is too fundamentally "evil" to improve? REALLY? SURE ABOUT THAT?!

So that was icky. I also felt a bit thrown by the general tone of the serial which couldn't seem to decide if it wanted to be lighthearted or dark and ended up feeling cavalier to violence instead.

The death scene of Oscar the Moth guy/waiter was especially bizarre. Watching it I was just going "he can't actually srsly die this is too ridiculous... oh." and then I laughed anyway because wtf. The fact that NO ONE ELSE in the restaurant reacted just made it all more surreal. Like, do waiters get stabbed a lot around there? "Oh look there goes another one... oh, well, do you want to get dessert?" :'3

Also the costume design was so eighties it hurt. And I've sort of learned to like (some aspects of) the Eighties look in later years... but not this sort. >_>

However, reasons I somewhat still enjoyed it:
Maybe it makes me shallow but Peri and Six are just so... attractive. Even the power of ugly headband and weird metallic fabric couldn't negate Peri's attractiveness. =A= And not really related to the episode, but I can not squee every time I see Six's intro. Rainbow disco sparkles! And his sparkly smile! Be still my heart. (Also where can I get a vest like the one he wears to Seville?)

Poor Peri having to deal with his attitude though... talking about which, I think she might have actually mouthed a certain a-word at his back, in which case woah BBC. He rather deserved it though.

EDIT: On second though, part of why I find Six so attractive is probably because rather than despite him being a total bastard sometimes. I'm just weird that way. =3=;

And what can I even say about Two and Jamie. Except the episode didn't make me ship them any less and this is a ship I keep trying to resist because I don't usually ship the Doctor with companions, at least not to this extent and yet... damn those two. /_\

And there's Jamie suffering. On one hand oh noes on the other... H/C fodder~? Conflicted feels about this. Also in general both thinking the other is dead and being devastated mmm yes. I mean, terrible.

In conclusion, Shockeye is the creepiest villain in Doctor Who ever auugh no. ;o_o;

Incidentally, I just remembered something I meant to mention in the post about last weekend but forgot... M. had read the novelization of Survival, and was talking about how in it the Doctor seems to have a bit of a revelation as to why the Master does the things he does and that it might actually be related to his own disregard of him (and then he's kind of a bastard about it but anyway).

Anyway, while she was looking for the quote I went (possibly internally):
"So... he got that, and it could be theorized (not that I believe that) that the next time they met was in Utopia..."

And then I couldn't stop laughing hysterically for like ten minutes. Just. This otp.
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