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2014-02-16 06:46 pm

aand update

So I did get into onto the course in the end despite failing to register in time. It's been nice having more humane amounts of work for a change *knocks on wood* and I should probably take the opportunity to find extra work but not sure I want to give up the free/recovery time. I seem to spend enough of it being exhausted or feeling bad as it is...

Other things: Been following the Swedish Eurovision (where they pick a representative to the big competition) and there's one semi-final, the "second chance" and final left... I think?). Not sure any of the performances I've liked have gone on so far?

thoughts on Granada Holmes, the Invasion and audios Heroes of Sontar, the Emerald Tiger and Jago and Lightfoot seasons 2 and 3 )

Was going to write about newest AUs but this post has gotten long so I'll keep that part short.

A guestion: If Third Doctor was a (entirely human) university student in late 1980s Britain, what sort of music would you think he would like? What was the cool thing to like back then? Clearly this is v. important detail.

And. Somehow I've ended up writing a faux-academic/meta-fic essay about Doctor/Master as characters in an invented greco-roman-ish culture's religion where DW characters are mythological figures. The Doctor being a fairly minor deity that is often more a trickster or a folk hero than someone anyone would pray to and the Master is various different figures related to Death... to put it simply. Uh. Also I try not to think of Four in this AU late at night or I might never sleep again because he is the scariest boogeyman ever.
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2013-12-09 04:59 pm

happened lately

Decided to travel home for Christmas, will arrive right before the eve and stay for a couple of weeks.

Kind of despairing getting any Christmas presents done to even a few people because I have no time left over for crochet, really. :/

Also, almost done with the good omens exchange fic, only one+ weeks late (have until end of this week... anyone willing to speed-beta it? :') As usual, sex scenes are the worst.

What else... fandom things:
- Saw The Day of the Doctor with some friends and a theater full of Swedish Whovians. Some things made me huff and roll my eyes, but overall it was fairly ok, the bits that didn't feel like a generic action movie anyway. Was ready to dislike Hurt!Doctor and then he was the best, gdi *shakes fist* (also, tintin hair). Also maybe it was seeing it with so many other people who seemed to enjoy even the bitsI didn't but... I kind of reached this acceptance that this might not be my preferred sort of Doctor Who but it is the one we're getting in this time. And maybe someday it'll change again if it keeps going, which, why not?

- About a week later, saw Sylvester McCoy. In Real Life. Should make a longer post about that someday but I'm still not really recovered. Also still not able to believe he is actually a real person. Bwaah.

- Watched Image of the Fendahl. Great dramatic tension and Leela continues to be perfect enough to make me grudgingly accept Four's... Fourness. Wanda Ventham (lady who plays the scientist who gets taken over by the Fendahl, and is also Benedict Cumberbatch's mom) is cute and seems like a sweetie on the making of documentary (like when she mentions being surprised how pretty her fellow male actors were x3). Meanwhile Adam Colby is the sassiest bby and the homoerotic tension between him and Max Stael is a thing of beauty as well. It's not even UST, more like "used to sleep with this guy and he is tttly evil but ohmg so hot"-tension. x3

- Also made people watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture with me. Impossibly, it was more tedious and the costume design more drab than I recalled. Still, we managed to have some fun with at least parts of it. I think.

boring uni stuff )
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2013-11-17 11:47 pm

Selected discussions

Between self and the lovely taiyou_to_tsuki

Today, in person, we came to the rather poetic conclusion that the only thing "wrong" with Survival is that they tried to get cats to be actors and actors to be cats. Otherwise it's perfect ofc.

Also, we were talking about Ainley!Master's various terrible and inexplicable plans (the real curse of the timelords is poor Anthony Ainley ending up in ALL the most terrible episodes) and then how odd it is that in The Mark of the Rani she appears to be the antithesis of the Master... an actually competent villain who gives not a damns about the Doctor... and then in Time and the Rani seems to have caught the Master's propensity to terrible ploys and obsessing on the Doctor.

...and then I realized. Who did we just discuss that has a propensity for all that AND unnecessary disguises? I bet the Rani was Not Happy when she found out the Master had been pretending to be her and blackening her bad name like that.

tentacles, tribbles and the unponderable nature of Four's sexlife )

Oh, and mostly so I can find it in the future, greatly amused by this Long commercial for radio parts (valves!) starred by Jon Pertwee. So dashing! So much fic fodder! I mean.
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2013-10-12 12:20 am

(mostly) PAT THINGS

I was skeptical to the the last because it all seemed to good to be true but. THEY DID FIND EPISODES. ENEMY OF THE WORLD OMG ¤3¤ And Brig's first serial. YETIS.

But. SALAMANDERRR. And Pat. Just. Moar Pat eeh. (And Jamie in leather. Probably only time we actually see him in pants, good going there evil!Pat. Cx) Probably won't actually see them until they come out in hard copy but I can wait.

Been walking on air today. Also, I've been listening to Jokerman by Bob Dylan and trying to decide if it's a good Two song or better for Seven? Besides that, attended seminar where I feel I was fairly eloquent, and then went over to gluecookie and we watched.

1)Tintin in Tibet, in the form of the 1991 cartoon that actually seems to be really good. The Swedish dub as well, I like how passionate Tintin is, and unlike in the English version, Chang doesn't sound like a little kid either. Haddock's actor is good too, especially at cursing. x) Also unsurprisingly all the feels were had.

2)The Dominators, which I know a lot of people don't like but... I actually really enjoyed it? In part for reasons that probably SHOULD have made it bad. But didn't. IDEK.
Let's talk about bickering married villains, adorable killer robots and ugly costumes, but also why the episode spoke to me on a visceral level. )
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2013-09-29 09:55 pm

Once again writing about two weeks

The promised last weekend post and one for this week? Also I'm sick rn so if something doesn't make sense I'll blame that.

Weekend before last the people whose house I live in were traveling so I had the house to myself. Which was nice on one hand and on the other it's a large and slightly labyrinthine. Used the old method of having the radio and/or tv on to not get creeped out when it was dark, and also taiyou_to_tsuki came to stay over for a bit. She'd previously sent me a pdf of the Doctor Who Cookbook (1985) which is a very charming thing with fun illustrations. We tried making Chancellor Flavia's Chicken Favourite (from Dinah Sheridan). I did a bunch of household chores before her arrival, including dinner planning. Very housewifey.

recipe and pictures, also other things that happened )
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2013-08-15 11:56 pm
Entry tags:

The vicious circle of working on fanmixes

While listening to music:
"Oh, this song doesn't work for any of the (three) playlist I'm already working on but it would be great for X! :D" And then I have two more. :P Currently: General multi-era Doctor/Master, Shalka!D/M, Yates/Benton (using pre-nineties music) and since yesterday 11th Doctor playlist and possibly one for Ben/Polly ... oh, and all last night was spent working on a crack!playlist for Three/Delgado!Master that I intended not for general consumption but we'll see how it turns out. (ETA: Have since finished and am v. proud of it, but IS there even a way to share fanmixes besides 8track these days? And if this one isn't played in order it kind of loses it's point, I feel...)

In other news, went shopping yesterday, got: modelling clay (there was a 4 of anything with one free sale >3>), in colours of mint, translucent red (whatever that means), marble (white with black bits and glitter) and fluorescent. It really glows a radioactive green in the dark! ¤3¤ Also got two different kind of earring bases. I'm a bit concerned how hard the clay is to work with (it's Fimo). After I got home it turned out we also had a bunch of packages of Cernit so. What do I do with all these modelling clays??? Besides making tentacle earrings. And mini foods are always cute too.

Also got some new socks. Overknee (not that they ever stay that high up without rolling down) blue ones and charcoal tights that turned out to have a corduroy-like texture when on. Sooft <3
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2013-08-07 04:30 pm
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random post is random

Things this week:
Monday: Saw a friend, ate quite nice Indian buffet (yum) and then we went to her house and watched Lilo & Stitch and The Rise of the Guardians. The first was just as awesome as I'd been led to believe, both for various representational reasons (Awesome POC! As the majority of relevant and positive characters! Awesome female character who was not stick-thin in a central role! Wheee) and because it was simply well done story and animation and all. More about that )

Meanwhile, The Rise of the Guardians was... ok, but I think it suffered from the comparison. The animation was lovely, the characters were cute enough but... the story and character dynamics were nothing new, and I don't think it would really stand up to any kind of feminist or post-colonial critique. (I mean, the cast is overwhelmingly male and white, so). Which is not exactly unusual either, but still. That said, there was something about Jude Law playing a bad guy. He has a nice voice. =A=

Tuesday: Slept until criminally late even for me so nothing much happened, except that I walked to the library and borrowed a giant pile of CD's (14) in the hopes of finding new music and/or new music to use in fanmixes I've been working on. I need to go back for more sometime...

And Today: Watched Face of Evil with my sister and it was good. Leelaaa~ She is awesome. Meanwhile, Four is a jerk but I think I'm starting to warm up to him as such. I mean, he does do dumb stuff (in an environment where Leela actually often knows better and against her advice) but then it generally leads to bad stuff/needing to be saved by her. Ha. And just, picking a random example of Leelawsome, "Oh you say the world is ending? No use covering on the floor then! *gets on with things*"

Also it amuses me that spoilers )

Next, I'm going to watch Leela's last serial because I do what I want. Also I want to do cute Leela/Andred stuff. >3>
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2013-07-15 10:05 pm
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Yates/Benton thoughts... and also some others

I warned you. So, like I wrote yesterday a few days ago, I was on a walk late at night and Silence is Golden by The Tremeloes came on, and gave me ship feels.

Admittedly, the story suggested is a tad more melodramatic than my headcanon for the Benton-Yates-Jo triangle (though I could just about see that fic too, and also now kind of want Jo to find out about all the angst years later and be all "oh you poor silly boys D:" because she would)
However, I do, in a masochistic sort of way, like the idea of a lot of Benton and Yates' relationship problems stemming from lack of communication and/or forced secrecy, so in that sense the song fits them and gives me feeeelsss. cut for moar ramblings )

When I think about it, the end part is rather similar to my Tegan/Nyssa headcanon where they are reunited after many years, once Nyssa has spent the best years of her life putting Terminus in order and retires to Australia (getting a lift there from... someone). And then things are v. awkward before they get better. : 3

Others things:
On 13th I went shopping with my mom and sisters. Got a black shrug, some silvery-grey thread and blue nail polish. Tried to find shoes but the selection was a bit terrible. blah blah shoes )

Also saw The Rings of Akhaten today on tv. Apart from the skeevy stalking bit, I kind of like it, even if it's just because I'm weak to lush alien worlds and costumes and pretty music. Also touching monologues it had those too! spoilery bit )
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2013-07-12 11:21 pm

More inane posts

Since last:
- Drew Three and companions in the style of this one. Should do Two as well (at least) before posting but... kind of not inspired? I have an idea but it feels too similar to One's and therefore boring. :I
- Watched a series of documentaries about Italian gardens. Now want to go see Garden of Bomarzo and Gardens of Ninfa. I mean, Romantic historical garden with ACTUAL real roman/medieval ruins. ¤A¤ *sigh*
I guess I put that on the dream list...
- Took pictures of sisters in their graduation dresses and hats. Also got some pictures of myself so mom could have a new one to display.

Also... apparently there is a series about (famous) hotels on tv with Richard E. Grant. An episode was on tv today and the theme was... sex. So basically Richard E. Grant talking about sex a lot. But some of the stuff was pretty sexist. So I'm not sure what to feel. And in that theme, then I got on tumblr and came across this clip of Jon Pertwee getting a massage while lying on a sofa. Apparently naked. And then a ventilator fan falls on him so that kind of spoils the mood but what comes before that is still way too hot why. I.

World stahp. TOTALLY UNRELATEDLY I wonder if it's too late to take a nice cooling walk. EDIT: did, then heard a song on the radio that gave me Yates/Benton feels and now I want to talk about ideas/headcanons I have for them but not actually write fic because that's too hard. Would that be obnoxious though... =~=
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2013-07-03 06:59 pm
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GF suggested we should make a pact to each write 300 words/day starting tomorrow and now my chest feels too tight because writing?!? I-I don't know if I can do that...

Then there was a lovely documentary about that Triangle factory fire. Especially cheerful when one thinks of the recent factory collapse in India that had a 100 times as big death toll and basically world only gets shittier. And then people die. But yeah, no news there.

Something more positive... uh, Town Called Mercy was actually pretty enjoyable. I mean, New Who that is not raeg inducing and/or confusing??? So I guess that was something. Also here's to hoping my still lurking headache will actually be gone tomorrow. Maybe I'm spoiled but two days seems a bit much to me.

Also in other news, thinking of making (or having my mom make, we'll see) a cape for next autumn. Just need to find both a nice pattern and fabrics which might be a bit tricky, especially the pattern...

Ideally, I think I'd like it in brown (reddish brown would be especially lovely) tweed with a more colourful lining (dark purple or blue-green). But I don't know how much those would cost, and I do have an old navy fabric with lighter blue pinstripes that's not perfectly what I want but... acceptable. I guess. But I'm not sure what would be a nice bright lining colour for that? Dark red maybe, but that's a bit meh. (I also have some silver satiny fabric that might be big enough. Kind of boring, but if the top fabric is blue anyway... idk)

As for style, depends a bit on whether I indeed find patterns and what sort, but I'm thinking about wrist/waist-lenght with arm slits (open all the way down?). And probably attaching at the middle with buttons or clasps, although I keep seeing this sort of side buttoning and thinking it looks rather nice. Buuut if we end up winging the pattern that might be too tricky. And maybe less easily adjustable?

Meanwhile, looks like Sixie's coat had a baby with someone's cape...and/or a throw blanket. Some wild night there.
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2013-06-20 12:53 am

Various thoughts from today

I met taiyou_to_tsuki, gluecookie and a third person who I'm not sure has an lj. But she is also awesome.

There was much bitterness over sexism (both fandomy and otherwise), bad writing and moffatt. Especially ugly laughter was had on behalf of fanboys complaining about sudden influx of shippy fangirls with the new series. Sorry have you noticed some of the writers ship stuff too (including Doctor/Master)? There were tacos. And then we watched some filler Sailor Moon.. :3

Other things:
- It became clear myself and K. have accidentally formed what might be a two person fandom for the fifties Scarlet Pimpernel series. Oops.
- The shorter the Doctor is, the more schemy and adorably evil he is. Exhibit A: 2, who it was argued uses his cuteness to distract people from when he's being devious. Exhibit B: 7. Just Seven. (disc. I love them both <3) (it occurs to me Eight is kind of short too, hmm...)
- From this should follow that his taller regenerations should be more... uh, sincere? Frank? Might work with Three and Six, possibly 5 too, whereas I think Four just filled the extra space with pure 100% apple sauce. Or possibly drugs, we're not sure.
- I still maintain Katy Manning needs to play the Master. Imitating him in an audio, actually being the character, idec. In fact, she could play ALL timelords and it would be perf. Get on it world. Now.

Also there was a clip of her in the new Spearhead from Space blueray trailer and she was wearing black satin gloves with rings on. Omg Katy Manning~~ *hyperventilates*
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2013-06-12 06:53 pm
Entry tags:

[fic] The Adventures of the Errant Yeti

Title: The Adventure of the Errant Yeti
Author: [personal profile] stalkerbunny
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who, Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Kate Stewart (Brig's daughter), Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (the younger), Mike Yates, Jo Grant, Sixth Doctor, Mel Bush, Liz Shaw.
Warnings: Endangerment of children and fluffy animals (though none are seriously harmed), some knowledge of the homevid Downtime might help (I recommend just reading this article).
Summary: About a year after the events at New World University, the Lethbridge-Stewarts take a trip to the London Zoo. But there's something strange about the yeti there.

A/N: Actually not entirely sure if Battlefield is supposed to happen before or after Downtime, but I decided to go for after. Following Downtime, the Brigadier has recently retired from his job at the school and is living alone in an apartment in the city. I think. Also, Jo and Kate meet Six sometime in the eighties here, so not really compliant with SJA and New Who. Interpret that as you will.

Other notes: Graciously betaread by [personal profile] x_los thanks and bows, any remaining mistakes are my own etc. Special thanks for help with the mysterious British lingo I was lost on (and knew it) :'D.

It was a beautiful summer day, as three generations of Lethbridge-Stewarts visited the London Zoo.
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2013-06-09 03:59 pm


Feeling woozy and generally lazy today. Suspect the allergies have kicked in... mugwort blooming already maybe? So far I've... managed to drag myself out of bed, cram in all the dark wash (which should be done soon) and vacuum the room. Oh and take pictures of the giant blond slugs that were out after the rain.

pictures )

apparently, this type is called helix pomatia, Burgundy/Roman snail or escargot when cooked. Awww (no worries I'm not tempted).

Should write sixathon fic, but can't quite decide where to go with the plot. I have two options, one of which is simpler and crackier and the other which is... slightly less so. Hm. Also feeling so woozy I might just go lie in the sun and read anyway.

Talking about which, was at the Stockholm Public Library for the first time yesterday, with taiyou_to_tsuki yesterday, and my fan radar managed to pick up Doctor Omega. If that article is to be believed the translation's been specially modified to be more Doctor Who-ish... hm. In that case, maybe it is an actual old scifi novel rather than an elaborate meta fic (although why on earth could they not just translate it as is? Weird thing to do imo... IF that's true.)
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2013-05-29 04:29 pm

suddenly noms and fic and ???

So I got home feeling a bit tired and miffed, and then 1)I'd gotten a package (from a person whose lj nick I can't now recall or if they even have one OTL) full of tasty things. ¤3¤ And a Silmarillion paperback (so pretty <3)

bragging pics )

Then I checked my email, and lost_spook had written Jago&Litefoot fic for a prompt I left at the Obscure & British comment fest, Devil in the Details, is this my second birthday or something???

Should be frantically studying for the home exam next week and/or writing my sixathon fic, but still feeling kind of noodley on responsibilities...

So I'm going to prattle on about hunting for Bessie coloured nail polish and squee over Benton and Yates and stuff instead )

Talking actual fics I need to write ASAP, I finally came up with a plot I like for one of my sixathon promts, and then realized it could also work as the plot of the fic I've tried to write before... except this is supposed to be gen at that other story is shippy.

Would it be bad if I wrote it so this could happen in the same verse but from a different perspective? So the ship stuff isn't there and not everything from the rest of the plot is revealed... But obviously it also needs to work as an individual story and dunno if that'll be possible?
Alternatively they could just be two variations of the same plot...?
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2013-05-26 03:00 pm

considering making an etzy account and sundry

Stuff that happened in last week:
Spent a lot of time working on small crochet mascots for a student flea-market at uni... sold none of them. Did sell a few other things and amassed 70kr which was a bit pathetic but... better than nothing I guess. On the plus side, while crafting I listened to companion chronicles Transit to Venus with IAN (and cute Ian/Barbara shippiness and One being his terrible tsun self. Srsly, Ian and/or Barbara should meet the current Doctor and a companion/s of choice and react to this "WITHOUT THE DOCTOR THE UNIVERSE CANNOT SURVIVE OMG"-nonsense) and Resistance with Polly. I was ok during the story and then in the discussion after Anneke Wills started talking about how when she first heard what the script would be about she got chills and felt like Troughton and Craze were with her and I tear up every time I think about it.

Also listened to Revenge of the Mara Craddle of the Snake, which was entertaining in a cracky sort of way. Got to love how Turlough is so... not-very-brave and a bit selfish. x3 Also makes it cool when he does do something a bit awesome. the audio also makes it way too easy to crack ship Five and Turlough... )

Friday was one of those days where every small obstacle seemed supremely annoying, and then when I got to uni it turned out the discussion (for which I'd even read the texts unlike the last one I... also missed) was the previous day which made remembering I'd met some classmates kind of embarrassing. Who knows what they thought.

After that I got some course books from library (one is in Danish, we'll see if I understand enough) and one from a bookstore, and a couple of extras that were on discount and only cost 10kr. About Hellenistic and Pagan Norse beliefs, respectively. Then I went to taiyou_to_tsuki's place and we re-watched The Time Monster which I really needed on such a day. Even if I almost choked laughing at the last scene. Brig's face especially.

misc thoughts about The Time Monster )

And I was going to talk about maybe getting an etzy account? Even started registering but got stuck on the name... I'd like something cute but also professional enough that I could say it in mixed company? :/ And then I'd need to decide on realistic prices and whether I should get a paypal account (s-scary) and how to present things... I'd probably start with the crochet mascots.

some... actually lots of pictures )
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2013-05-17 09:00 pm


Things these three have in common: They're short, (mostly) unapologetically cracky and the only fics I've finished since... January 2012, yes.

Title: The Bride of Chauvelin
Author: [personal profile] stalkerbunny
Fandom, pairing: The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1956), Percy/Chauvelin
Warnings: Mostly some kissing and cross dressing. It's all pretty tame.
Summary: Chauvelin finds love. Sort of. (~700 words)

A.N: So, imo Percy/Marguerite is the ultimate OTP in this fandom... EXCEPT in this particular version where 1)she doesn't seem to exist and 2)Percy kisses ALL the characters. Also Chauvelin is mostly kind of pathetic and it's adorable. Hence this. (Oh, and that thing at the end is quoted from one of Percy's love notes messages to Chauvelin in the tv-series. JSYK)

They seek him here, they seek him there...

Title: An Intervention
Fandom, pairing: Withnail & I / Scream of the Shalka, Doctor/Master (sort of)
Warnings: Well, Withnail is considering suicide even if the story doesn't dwell on that?
Summary: There really was something living among the dirty dishes. Or working on it anyway. (~250 words)

A *sticky* intervention

Title: Domestic meme
Fandom: Scream of the Shalka, Doctor/Master
Summary: Series of ficlets based on the domestic meme, some a bit longer, some just a sentence. Or a word. (~600 words all together).

and lo there were cuddles
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2013-05-09 08:27 pm
Entry tags:

Have some art spams

artist: Me
characters/pairings: Companions: Susan, Katarina, Ian, Vicki, Sarah Kingdom, Barbara, Polly, Ben, Steven and Dodo, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith, Jamie McCrimmon.
Doctors: 1, 2, 3 and 5, Delgado!Master, Ainley!Master + some more or less vaguely shippy stuff.
warnings: a lot of it is very cracky, otherwise everything is pretty tame.

 photo d6382ddb-2186-4f6c-ac92-37cd1bacb26c.jpg
Link to fanart

 photo a4aaf232-d646-4ea2-82d5-57bff7985bc3.jpg
Link to original art, most of it doodles

In other news, landlady suggested today that if I can't find a job and need to go home for a couple of months before uni starts again, I could keep the room by paying a lowered rent during the time while I'm away. Which sounds pretty good, since I don't fancy hunting a new place from another country again. Still need to talk about the exact details later though.

And I looked through my closet and picked apart some clothes I thought I could try to sell at a student flea market at the end of month. Selling is for free so don't have anything to lose there really.

Oh, and I took some selfies of my new dress and things )
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2013-05-04 10:43 pm
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Talons of Weng Chiang and other things

Other things:
1) I made Microwave Chocolate Mug Brownie for the first time ever due to a sudden craving for sweets and why have I never done that before? Excellent idea.

2) Today while taking the bus for the last stretch home I saw Bessie's baby sister pass by. Smaller, less carriagey and pale yellow, but it had a similar shape otherwise.

3) I've been trying to find a full length casual summer dress for several summers now, and today I actually found one I liked the look of which wasn't too expensive either. And then didn't buy it because while I'm not dead broke I will be by next month at latest so... can I really buy dresses?
Also it's bright green and I wonder if that's too strong a colour (I like green but I might get self-concious/tire of it?). Then again I hardly ever find dresses that actually fit me all over. :/
Ah well. Maybe if I have enough money left after all the bills and the store still has my size...
Oh, but I did buy sunglasses with a gift card I got for my birthday yesterday :D So now I have ones I can actually wear in public (my other ones, from several years back, are green with butterflies on them...)

Anyway, Talons of Weng Chiang can be summarized as episode that would be good if it wasn't for the gross rasism. That kind of... makes it not good. But some of the characters still manage to be interesting/cute. But yellow-face and gross stereotypes. : /

So in the end I'm not sure what to think... also saw Dragonfire )
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2013-05-02 01:31 pm
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The Two Doctors

Watchet it online yesterday because I had a headache (probably from reading out in the sun) and wanted to watch something dumb but amusing. Which... it kind of was. Despite several really wince-worthy bits.

starting with those )

Incidentally, I just remembered something I meant to mention in the post about last weekend but forgot... M. had read the novelization of Survival, and was talking about how in it the Doctor seems to have a bit of a revelation as to why the Master does the things he does and that it might actually be related to his own disregard of him (and then he's kind of a bastard about it but anyway).

Anyway, while she was looking for the quote I went (possibly internally):
"So... he got that, and it could be theorized (not that I believe that) that the next time they met was in Utopia..."

And then I couldn't stop laughing hysterically for like ten minutes. Just. This otp.
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2013-04-21 02:13 pm
Entry tags:

Trying to distract myself

So... last week has been rather horrible, and that feeling has struck with a vengeance again today, so while I was going to apply to a (yet another) long shot guide job and/or jobs I don't really want... I'll pass unless I start feeling better. Not sure if the stress of financial troubles is getting to me or if it's just that week before my period where my hormones for some reason like to make me depressed, or both.

Anyway, yesterday was spent eating too much cake and watching a bunch of Ainley!Master serials. I have to say, after watching Logopolis and Castrovalva in a row my brain was hurting from trying to follow the stories... gluecookie suggested that maybe the plot itself ALSO suffered from entropy. That WOULD explain the giant plotholes, I suppose.

further non-serious thoughts on those and also Planet of Fire )