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Other things:
1) I made Microwave Chocolate Mug Brownie for the first time ever due to a sudden craving for sweets and why have I never done that before? Excellent idea.

2) Today while taking the bus for the last stretch home I saw Bessie's baby sister pass by. Smaller, less carriagey and pale yellow, but it had a similar shape otherwise.

3) I've been trying to find a full length casual summer dress for several summers now, and today I actually found one I liked the look of which wasn't too expensive either. And then didn't buy it because while I'm not dead broke I will be by next month at latest so... can I really buy dresses?
Also it's bright green and I wonder if that's too strong a colour (I like green but I might get self-concious/tire of it?). Then again I hardly ever find dresses that actually fit me all over. :/
Ah well. Maybe if I have enough money left after all the bills and the store still has my size...
Oh, but I did buy sunglasses with a gift card I got for my birthday yesterday :D So now I have ones I can actually wear in public (my other ones, from several years back, are green with butterflies on them...)

Anyway, Talons of Weng Chiang can be summarized as episode that would be good if it wasn't for the gross rasism. That kind of... makes it not good. But some of the characters still manage to be interesting/cute. But yellow-face and gross stereotypes. : /

So in the end I'm not sure what to think... also saw Dragonfire )
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So... last week has been rather horrible, and that feeling has struck with a vengeance again today, so while I was going to apply to a (yet another) long shot guide job and/or jobs I don't really want... I'll pass unless I start feeling better. Not sure if the stress of financial troubles is getting to me or if it's just that week before my period where my hormones for some reason like to make me depressed, or both.

Anyway, yesterday was spent eating too much cake and watching a bunch of Ainley!Master serials. I have to say, after watching Logopolis and Castrovalva in a row my brain was hurting from trying to follow the stories... gluecookie suggested that maybe the plot itself ALSO suffered from entropy. That WOULD explain the giant plotholes, I suppose.

further non-serious thoughts on those and also Planet of Fire )
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So, horrible things happened in the world and... as usual I don't feel there's much to say about it. I hope everyone I know and theirs are ok? :'(

That said... applied for some jobs yesterday, and then later started feeling off for no reason, even before I heard about the Boston thing. Elementary was good as usual, I've been following it on Swedish tv (last night it was the third ep) and really liking what I'm seeing. Holmes is a genius who also has serious weaknesses (which are clearly presented as such by the narrative) and he recognizes that? Watson doesn't let him get away with BS... and Holmes can also admit that is valid and good? (Also awesome Watson eeeh) Squee!

Anyway, not even the awesomeness was enough to pull me out of my funk, so I just went to bed early (at 11ish... yes that's really early for me) and then woke up about ten to five to some twittering birds. THE SUN WAS NOT EVEN UP PROPERLY. Ah well, at least I had time to make actual breakfast and watch Nash's review of the Doctor Who Tv-movie and try not to wake everyone with laughter. Because the Tv-movie.

Now I'm just trying to decide which coat to wear, since we're going to Skansen on a class trip which means both running around on (admittedly often windy) hills and standing around in damp, unheated old wooden houses listening to guides talk about stuff. And it's supposed to be 10C but cloudy. Tricky. Either I take a winter coat and risk being too warm, or one of the summer jackets (with some layers, but still) and probably get chilled at some point. :/
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Not that I expect anyone wants to know. *I* wish I didn't need to go through this all. As it is maybe writing it out will help a little.

Financial problems, oh yay )

Besides that, I've been writing a little, still haven't quite given up on the unconventionalcourtship fic. Probably should, but... I don't want to. :(

I'd talk about Friday but I don't want to have fandom squeegery in the same post as all that above (it might contaminate them...!). So maybe after an appropriate time has passed. Like later today. Or tomorrow.


Apr. 6th, 2013 12:30 am
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Had a lovely evening, but unfortunately then I got home and there was a bill waiting. Bill for books that I paid for last November, including 38euros extra for handling costs. However (and I've been in contact with the people who should have received the money about this. More than once) possible because they gave me incomplete/conflicting account information, the money just... went somewhere. Who knows where.

So, that's an unexpected 644 SEK/76,35 euros. I'll have to call them and see if they can give me more information on the account so they'd actually get it THIS TIME. Because clearly I AM paying it twice and the late fine as well. Oh, and I already got an extra 100 euros from my mom this month which was supposed to go into travel card and new identity card which it is beginning to be high time I get as the old one goes out this year. I... have barely enough for travels and some food now. Again.

I should just give up on trying to write too. It's no use.


Apr. 3rd, 2013 05:51 pm
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Slept late, for once had no stressful dreams and woke up feeling nice. And one of the books I was worried about arrived today so I just need to get up early tomorrow and I'll have time to read at least part of tomorrow's text for the class discussion.

Was lured outside today by my landlady with cinnamon roll and juice, and it was actually warm enough to sit out, to my surprise. Worked on latest hat, which is purple and fluffy with a raised pattern ( based on this pattern ) Might be called cable columns in English?

I've thinking about what to do with these rolls (or half, if I don't decide to take apart what I've done with them so far) of giant acrylic yarn that I'm not sure I want to make anything wearable out of due to them having a sort of chemical smell. I mean, maybe washing will help, but egh. So I'm thinking a pillow or a plush animal of some sort? Sea monster, they have that sort if colours.

What do you say, should I make a snake/lizard type monster or a giant octopus? :9

Meanwhile, it amuses me that one side of the tiny lawn beneath the veranda still has a snowdrift and on the other there are first flowers...

pictures )
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to [personal profile] regndoft aka. [identity profile]!

sorry I'm still working on your present and card OTL.
Today otherwise )
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Firstly, my illustration for Carnival of Monsters was posted at 50 years of Whovians.

[profile] taiyou_to_tsuki summed up the museum visit pretty well here. In short, the seminar was somewhat unsatisfying, the tour afterwards better, and the whole evening was v. nice anyway. Also I bought a pretty Bastet pin, which takes the amount of cat pins I own up to two. :D

The next day (since I stayed over at M's place), we watched Curse of Fenric and the commentary by Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Nicholas Briggs on the Tv Movie:
highlights )

On Sunday, I did some reading before going over to see [personal profile] gluecookie (and [profile] taiyou_to_tsuki was also there), and we watched Jacobi-chan~ the episode Virgin in the Ice of Cadfael and there was much screaming over Derek Jacobi being too cute and also the episode giving many feels because of reasons. Dammit all. Also then we babbled until late in the night.

I had to get up early today to write an essay due also today, but it was def. worth it. :)
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Gotten up at seven, washed my hair, tested pale green glittery nail polish on toenails (bit meh), dressed up nice, had a cup of tea, been preliminarily interviewed for a guide job at a milk factory (...yeah), put on makeup, fixed a hat, eaten breakfast and had another cup of tea.

Now I just... need to decide what hat, coat and scarf to wear and back some stuff for staying overnight since [profile] taiyou_to_tsuki and myself plan to have dinner and go to a theme evening at the Mediterranean Museum and it'll be late after that.

Also group presentation at university today, and our presentation kind of sucks imo but. I'm trying not to care since they don't really matter for grades, I think. Hope. I was sick at the planning session and I tried and thus cannot be judged.
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I never did get around to doing much exam note making on sunday, but on monday I was invited to eat left over party food and watch Doctor Who at a friend's place so I was suddenly super motivated to do as much as possible so I could go there. And I did get almost as much done as I'd planned.

We watched Attack of the Cybermen which was ok (eeh Sixie ♥), and Battlefield which I loved even more the second time. Previously I missed Ancelyn actually proposing...! Bbies. :'D Also almost cried at a certain scene with the Doctor and Morgana at the end. Because it was just so poignant.

cut because mildly freaking out about some stuff )

To counter all that, hopefully I'll again have some time to be crafty, and since I think I promised ages ago to post some craft photos and never did...

mostly hats and rolls of yarn )
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(This might be really boring, but the thoughts want out.)

We had an assignment where we traveled to certain selected stations on the Stockholm underground and observed them from a class perspective. The assignment and discussion in class afterwards also touched on our own class background and how it affects our perception of different places.

This was interesting to me because growing up I never really developed any conscious idea of class. Probably because I lived in the same area until after upper secondary and was essentially part of the "normal" there. Lower middle class I suppose, if I had to set a word to it?

Cont. )
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After living here for about half a year now (time how do you go so fast???) I've gotten to the point where talking/understanding Swedish isn't constantly exhausting anymore, even if it's far from perfect.

But numbers. They've always been one of my worst enemies (took me ages to learn to read clocks), and apparently are so in Swedish too. Today I found this bag full of very brightly coloured rolls of yarn (good for my amigurumi plans) at a local second hand shop, but the price tag had fallen out.

So, I went to ask how much it cost, and after hearing the price went ":( oh." before I realized she'd said "tjugo", twenty not "sjuttio", seventy Stop laughing, in Swedish it sounds more like shjugo and shuttio. :'I And THEN there's the difference between teens and tens... meh. NUMBEEEERSSS.

Another thing I keep mixing up is earlier/later (tidigare/senare) which also gets annoying.

Unrelatedly, some day when I have nothing better to do and there's some natural light, I think I'll just spread out all my yarns somewhere and roll in them make a colour overview/check. Also take pictures for bragging purposes.
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The good: Last week was spent more or less writing the home exam for the last part of the museology program's introduction course. Returned that on Friday, and then went to pick up some yarn at my favourite yarn store. Where they of course had some on sale that weren't exactly what I was looking for but wonderfully soft and luxurious (alpaca and linen and wool, bwah). And limited edition. =A=
So, I resisted but if there's still some in acceptable colours I might have to get one or two... just need to decide between gray, darker gray or black with white threads?

And then I spent the Saturday watching Doctor Who with friends. Specifically the tv-movie and Tomb of the Cybermen. One is so terrible it's... well, I was alternating between frustration at the badness, howling in laughter over same, and simple confusion. Tomb of the Cybermen, on the other hand was very lovely. And I might talk about them more some other time. Classic Who Cybermats are just the most adorable thing ever and I want one (maaaybe could use that leftover gray/metallic yarn to try crotchet one?)

The bad: Been having a cold since the weekend before last but have had to/chosen to ignore it due to reasons. Compounded with lack of enough sleep for the last... three days? Anyway, today I started in Ethnology I as a planned major for the museology degree. cut for further whining )
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I've mostly just been lying around these last... three weeks? And now I still need to read a book and some other texts and write the home exam before 18th, as well as do work applications for summer. And choose a Swedish bank to get an account at. >_>;

Meanwhile, I'm sad to be leaving home. Times like these, I kind of curse the fact that my best friend and family live in different countries. Even if they're somewhat close to one another. If it weren't for that darned Baltic Sea... well, they might not BE two countries. Or we might all live in Russia, who knows. Anyway, I'll miss them. Then again my mom is starting work tomorrow so maybe that'll remind me why I wouldn't want to live at home permanently (Small children. They are loud.).

Still, would be nice if I could visit more than once/twice a year, but these are the choices one has to make, I guess.

At home!

Dec. 23rd, 2012 05:46 pm
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The trip home went well, the cabin was better than I expected for C-class and the company was nice too. Talked a bit with a Chinese student on an exchange to Paris and traveling in Europe. Felt a bit bad for her for ending up doing it in winter, because unless one likes skiing this part of world is pretty awful to travel in this time of year. Not to mention the Christmas holidays might mean everything is closed. :/

Anyway, while I found the rumble of ship machines and occasionally splash of water or clunk of ice mostly calming, for some reason I had some trouble sleeping. So now I'm woozy and headachey and still have presents left to crochet for tomorrow. Just for family though, so they'll understand.

Also, I will reply to comments eventually, I swear. Just... not right now. :')
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Traveling on Saturday, so there's all this... stuff to get done before that. That I've managed not to do all week, although I blame actually having mostly kept up with uni readings.
Painted some cards yesterday at least.
blahblah to do list )

Current state of being:
Photobucket Indistinct.
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Been taking part in this lovely Doctor Who friending meme, and, um, welcome to the flist?
EDIT: It occurs to me this kind of derailed from being a proper introduction of any sort, so might do a proper one later when I'm not all loopy from being tired. :'D

I've been neglecting posting so not sure where to start... general update? And also pet photos )
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One is supposed to be tagged to do teh happy meme everyone seems to be doing at the moment, right?
Must resist, must...

I'll just tell you things that made me happy today anyway:
-Got the school newspaper. Done now, for real, yay! :D
Teachers said it's the best they've ever seen, also yay.
Thought one of my works, the one I think is kinda...icky, was mentioned by one of the teachers. She said it's a good (fake) ad (that wasn't...sarcasm, was it? :/ ) and something about the name of the unexisting firm being amusingly suggestive...uh, I wonder how exactly. =_=;;;
But the other two looked okay, so never mind.

-I managed to get the mask and may now finish it later.
-Christmas holidays start VERY soon. :D
-When I called my mom to ask about our holiday schedule for *insert longwinded reason here, which is also made of awesome* she mentioned I'd received a postcard.
From America, she said. From someone called wait was it Ada? Um, something beginning with an A? >3>;;; :3
Can't wait to get to see it on the weekend as well. ♥

I wonder when I should post THE fic. I basically have all the pieces but...*wibble* >3>;
um, [ profile] clytemnaestra? Will you be awfully insulted if I can't wait for your opinion even thought I asked for it and all? :'/
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What has surprised you the most about me (if anything) since joining my flist / friending me? Was anything completely unexpected or have I always fit the picture of me you have in your head?

Post this in your own journal and see how you have surprised people!

So, was a always like glass to you all? *curious* :3
In other words, I got a locker at school :D
First I got the number 180, but since the highest number I could find was 160 that had apparently been moved away. So, I got another key, and the number is...wait for it...58 :D ♥
There was a pretty fun moment when the teacher asked if anyone would want a locker key, and most people weren't listening and were all "Nyaah...*a few seconds* No wait, what? YES! *run after teacher*" :P

Oh, and my work on the magazine project is finished. :D Except for the report. Egh


Nov. 20th, 2008 11:25 pm
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First of all, I was having a brief look over my school's partner universities for possible exchange student-ry, and so far found two likely looking options.
I'm studying namely media, specifically graphic design and personally most interested in illustration by traditional methods, preferably. I do recognize that I need to acquire more skills in layout making and computers in general, no matter how they annoy me sometimes...anyway, the options I found so far:

hmm )

other occurrences )


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