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2014-02-16 06:46 pm

aand update

So I did get into onto the course in the end despite failing to register in time. It's been nice having more humane amounts of work for a change *knocks on wood* and I should probably take the opportunity to find extra work but not sure I want to give up the free/recovery time. I seem to spend enough of it being exhausted or feeling bad as it is...

Other things: Been following the Swedish Eurovision (where they pick a representative to the big competition) and there's one semi-final, the "second chance" and final left... I think?). Not sure any of the performances I've liked have gone on so far?

thoughts on Granada Holmes, the Invasion and audios Heroes of Sontar, the Emerald Tiger and Jago and Lightfoot seasons 2 and 3 )

Was going to write about newest AUs but this post has gotten long so I'll keep that part short.

A guestion: If Third Doctor was a (entirely human) university student in late 1980s Britain, what sort of music would you think he would like? What was the cool thing to like back then? Clearly this is v. important detail.

And. Somehow I've ended up writing a faux-academic/meta-fic essay about Doctor/Master as characters in an invented greco-roman-ish culture's religion where DW characters are mythological figures. The Doctor being a fairly minor deity that is often more a trickster or a folk hero than someone anyone would pray to and the Master is various different figures related to Death... to put it simply. Uh. Also I try not to think of Four in this AU late at night or I might never sleep again because he is the scariest boogeyman ever.
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2014-01-17 04:54 pm
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So then

Printed and returned the faux candidate exam, then realized I forgot to register on the new course starting on Monday. Got a notification on the 8th that the register had to be done 13-15th and made a notification of that on my cellphone but... Didn't get it for some reason.

So, now I found out on Monday if I'll be able to take the course, depending on someone on a reserve place turning it down.

If not, I'll have to notify the people who pay my study support to stop that, notify uni I'm taking a break from studies and then either find work here or go home to Finland until next autumn, at least.
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2014-01-06 09:50 pm
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Back at Sweden

Unremarkable trip, reason for not being able to sleep (this time): Going to bed early on a minimal dinner and then waking up in the middle of the night so hungry my stomach hurt. Still, at least it was a peaceful trip so. Eh.

Did buy a miniature wine bottle so I can use it in cooking occasionally (something red and Spanish, I think, was actually recommended for some dishes even). Didn't make the meat soup I did today worse at least. :) (Next, I think I'll try it in moussaka...)

Things I brought from home that were very good ideas:
1. Claes the Bunny. V. squishy. Also my mom mentioned I could crochet him some clothes and that's an excellent idea.

2. The Epic Blanket. It's some ancient thing my dad got from his old work years ago and is one of these heavy, scratchy woolen things that are basically eternal. Also I slept with it added to my previous three pile blanket (+a fluffy morning coat separating my side from the wall) AND I WAS ACTUALLY WARM. \¤A¤/ (I just realized it's basically a tardis-y blue as well. Heh)
pictures under cut because photobucket is weird and I have no idea if they're resized or not )
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2014-01-03 09:40 pm

(no subject)

Traveling back to Sweden tomorrow, and back to... being an adult. Blegh. 8I

More positive stuff, saw Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day on tv, saw that when it came out in 2008 too. Still a simple but cute film. I will even forgive the sudden heterosexual romance because there are women being friends. And even the romance was pretty cute. uwu

EDIT: Also I bought ice cream with brainwalnuts and maple syrup and it was the best. ¤A¤

Also got a trope bingo card, again. Maybe this year I'll even manage some fills.

trope bingo card! )
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2013-12-24 08:54 pm
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Christmas Eve stuff

(Pretty much business as usual but I'm bored so bear with me)

Stuff that happened:
- All the foods. Might have a bit more soon though.
- Presents:
From gf: writing/letter paper, nail polish, gingerbread toffee, Greek honey, tea. (Oh, and the card. That was one of my favourite things. ¤3¤ And that adorable drawing of Three and Delgado!Master and Jo too uwu bbies)
From sister E.: An African hedgehog plushie she made. It's called Edgar and is adorbs.
Family in general: tights, transformer mittens/fingerless gloves, hair clips, some underwear.
Brother: Screen cleaner and wipe... Is this a hint? (my laptop did have filthy screen though so fair enough) x'D

Also parents got a DVD player from my brother which is their first proper one. The old Playstation they've been using hasn't played most DVDs for several years now so this is great (I'd have got them one if I wasn't so poor, srsly)
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2013-12-22 09:22 pm

At home then

After the worst ferry trip so far (not the worst trip home, because that was missing a flight and being stuck overnight at a Danish airport sans ticket, which is approximately how I imagine being in limbo would be like), thanks to a person who, while she had reasons to complain, still made everything more horrible with constant complaining and most of all being rude.

rant )

Good side: because I had to lie still in the dark but couldn't fall asleep for hours (I tried being outside the cabin too but there weren't any comfortable places to sit, also there were first screaming children and later drunk middle aged men wandering about) ended up finally braving some dw audios I'd been wary about, the companion chronicle Home Truths (v. spooky/atmospheric, ending made me cry a bit) and Jubilee which wasn't nearly as soul-crushing as a expected based on what I'd heard. For a Six and Evelyn audio it was actually kind of light *shot* Or, more likely, my emotions were too battered by sleeplessness and stress by that point? Either way, liked it. Evelyn is great so great even a Dalek agrees, heeh.

And then I got home and that was great. So far have... done family stuff. Like rolled on the floor laughing so hard I can't breathe and belting songs on Singstar with sisters. V. good.
Now, I think I might continue reading some fic. You know that awkward moment when you find a fic that has a premise/kink you really like and it's well written and IC but... also a ship you kind of feel guilty about liking at all? (in this case Five/Turlough. I'm a terrible shallow person. B-but pretend!slavery fic with D/s aspects and dommy Five...!). 8'3

Well, it's also making me want to write that Three/D!Master fic with a similar premise so egh. Silver lining?
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2013-12-09 04:59 pm

happened lately

Decided to travel home for Christmas, will arrive right before the eve and stay for a couple of weeks.

Kind of despairing getting any Christmas presents done to even a few people because I have no time left over for crochet, really. :/

Also, almost done with the good omens exchange fic, only one+ weeks late (have until end of this week... anyone willing to speed-beta it? :') As usual, sex scenes are the worst.

What else... fandom things:
- Saw The Day of the Doctor with some friends and a theater full of Swedish Whovians. Some things made me huff and roll my eyes, but overall it was fairly ok, the bits that didn't feel like a generic action movie anyway. Was ready to dislike Hurt!Doctor and then he was the best, gdi *shakes fist* (also, tintin hair). Also maybe it was seeing it with so many other people who seemed to enjoy even the bitsI didn't but... I kind of reached this acceptance that this might not be my preferred sort of Doctor Who but it is the one we're getting in this time. And maybe someday it'll change again if it keeps going, which, why not?

- About a week later, saw Sylvester McCoy. In Real Life. Should make a longer post about that someday but I'm still not really recovered. Also still not able to believe he is actually a real person. Bwaah.

- Watched Image of the Fendahl. Great dramatic tension and Leela continues to be perfect enough to make me grudgingly accept Four's... Fourness. Wanda Ventham (lady who plays the scientist who gets taken over by the Fendahl, and is also Benedict Cumberbatch's mom) is cute and seems like a sweetie on the making of documentary (like when she mentions being surprised how pretty her fellow male actors were x3). Meanwhile Adam Colby is the sassiest bby and the homoerotic tension between him and Max Stael is a thing of beauty as well. It's not even UST, more like "used to sleep with this guy and he is tttly evil but ohmg so hot"-tension. x3

- Also made people watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture with me. Impossibly, it was more tedious and the costume design more drab than I recalled. Still, we managed to have some fun with at least parts of it. I think.

boring uni stuff )
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2013-11-17 11:47 pm

Selected discussions

Between self and the lovely taiyou_to_tsuki

Today, in person, we came to the rather poetic conclusion that the only thing "wrong" with Survival is that they tried to get cats to be actors and actors to be cats. Otherwise it's perfect ofc.

Also, we were talking about Ainley!Master's various terrible and inexplicable plans (the real curse of the timelords is poor Anthony Ainley ending up in ALL the most terrible episodes) and then how odd it is that in The Mark of the Rani she appears to be the antithesis of the Master... an actually competent villain who gives not a damns about the Doctor... and then in Time and the Rani seems to have caught the Master's propensity to terrible ploys and obsessing on the Doctor.

...and then I realized. Who did we just discuss that has a propensity for all that AND unnecessary disguises? I bet the Rani was Not Happy when she found out the Master had been pretending to be her and blackening her bad name like that.

tentacles, tribbles and the unponderable nature of Four's sexlife )

Oh, and mostly so I can find it in the future, greatly amused by this Long commercial for radio parts (valves!) starred by Jon Pertwee. So dashing! So much fic fodder! I mean.
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2013-11-16 07:35 pm
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Eee food

I just made delicious shrimp lasagne. Especially awesome after... I couldn't buy any food for a week and had to improvise from what I had. Still waiting for the Swedish bank to send a new code for the new card I got last week (original card was closed because I used the wrong code too many times). Luckily my mom sent some money on my Finnish account so could buy food today.

-> Shrimp lasagne.
summary recipe )
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2013-11-14 04:12 pm
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So I was going to start writing last night and then I went to check what it would cost to travel home for Christmas and there was a lot of crying. On one hand, it costs a ridic sum (not as much as in the summer, but then it was a longer visit), I'd only be there three weeks tops AND I need to write a 15 page essay somewhere in there (which I know I'll be bad at while at home)... all in all more sensible to stay here. Then again I've always been with family for Christmas and I've not seen them since last summer and dunno if I'll be going on the next yet so... I do really want to see them. :/ I think I'll talk with my mom about it next time we do...

Tumblr has spoiled me to some new DW developments. Not sure what I feel about that yet.

aaand hopefully I'll actually get to writing today. Can only hope some important plot point become clearer as I write, as right now they are a bit fuzzy. Also was thinking earlier in the shower about how terrifying it is to do things knowing it can and most likely will fail at least in some aspects, and that only becomes worse when it comes to representation and other issues where, if done wrong, you can actively hurt people. But then the only way to get better or get anything DONE in general is to try? (and, you know, do research, listen to people and think things through, but there's only so long you can do that, especially with a looming deadline and life to live...)
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2013-11-13 04:04 pm
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Taking part in the Good Omens Holiday Exchange and while the deadline is 30th, I looked at my schedule today and realized I should get at least most of the writing done this week before I get busy with various things. Now quietly panicking. Also not sure what to do about beta either, presuming I can get through the writer's block in the first place... ;o_o;

(If anyone might be willing, this will be Crowley/Aziraphale endgame with some Aziraphale/OFC. Maybe. JSYK)

*cries* (Why did I think I could write this prompt. Why did I think I can write. Why.)
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2013-10-27 10:20 pm

Weekend notes

I should sleep but before I forget some things.

Saturday: Met gf and friend on visit and we made butternut squash soup and pie. They talked Gallifrey and I... I don't even try to understand. Timelords man. As established before, Katy Manning should play all of them. Especially the lost ghost of Pandak the Second. Or whatever he was called. Also we decided Borusa was probably brainwashed by Rassilon for the lulz in The Five Doctors because he was too awesome for all that otherwise.

Sunday: Met gluecookie and we had lots of tea and watched Star Trek.
Friday's Child: In which McCoy is a Terrible Doctor but also adorable (that bastard) and Eleen is more awesome that you. And we're not sure whether to call orientalism on Capellans or choose to interpret it as more medieval europe-style aliens? In conclusion, a bit sexist, a bit questionable, but could be worse and has lovely character moments all around, both with the triumvirate on planet and srs Scotty in charge (adorbs!) and co. I also officially ship Scotty and Uhura now and we have decided they do each other's hair. Headcanon: Commander Kor cursed the fact he was sick with Romulan measles for this mission and missed another chance for an epic ~*romantic*~ fight to the death with Captain Kirk. Poor dear.

Balance of Terror: Wiki confirms it IS a space version of a submarine drama as I thought. Cool stuff. Other than that... *ugly sobbing* waah Mark Lenard's Romulan Commander and John Warburton's Centurion why were they such babies. Dese nameless Romulans... ; A ;

Journey to Babylon: Hello again Mark Lenard fancy seeing you here (also apparently he played a Klingon in the first movie. Mark Lenard plz) ~*Amanda and Sarek*~ (even though why would Amanda guilt trip her son to risk his life to save his father when she just moments before told him not to do it? IDEK Also Spock plz Scotty would have HAD THAT. But I guess bf in the sickbay upset him or something) Amanda is the fanciest. And Amanda and Kirk would talk SO MUCH shit about their Vulcan husbands while said husbands have a logical discussion on the peculiar failings of humans. Fact.
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2013-10-20 10:38 pm
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It was lovely and life-affirming (had some serious cuddle deficiency) and then I lost my best hat on the way home. :'I

But, disregarding that, saw friends and we watched Wrath of Khan and The Whale Movie Voyage Home and gave summaries of the other films to those who had not seen them, since we didn't have time to see all. In fact, had to fast-forward the credits as things were, which made me think they'd picked a much catchier tune for TVH for a moment... >3>;

Films were as they were, which is pretty awesome. Feeling were had... especially for all the fans who saw WoK in the movies back when it came out. Poor dears. Also TVH is the mother of all plotbunnies, such as:

- How did Sulu get that helicopter anyway? Presuming his staggering charm was somehow used but beyond that?
- SOMEONE totally bailed Kirk and co. out there, I wonder who... I mean, it's not like his husband/BF5ever is an influential politician who'd already gotten involved in Kirk's defense.
- In general, I have a need for more Sarek and Amanda. If there isn't any tie-in literature about those two someone needs to get on that. Or fic? Just, all of the films from their perspective. And Amanda talking to Kirk on Vulcan. ALL of it.
- Oh and I'd forgotten the thing with Chekov and now need H/C fic. BBY.

I feel like I'm forgetting a lot. But. Bbies.
We also had amazing dinner courtesy of gluecookie and her parents. Delicious food.
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2013-10-12 12:20 am

(mostly) PAT THINGS

I was skeptical to the the last because it all seemed to good to be true but. THEY DID FIND EPISODES. ENEMY OF THE WORLD OMG ¤3¤ And Brig's first serial. YETIS.

But. SALAMANDERRR. And Pat. Just. Moar Pat eeh. (And Jamie in leather. Probably only time we actually see him in pants, good going there evil!Pat. Cx) Probably won't actually see them until they come out in hard copy but I can wait.

Been walking on air today. Also, I've been listening to Jokerman by Bob Dylan and trying to decide if it's a good Two song or better for Seven? Besides that, attended seminar where I feel I was fairly eloquent, and then went over to gluecookie and we watched.

1)Tintin in Tibet, in the form of the 1991 cartoon that actually seems to be really good. The Swedish dub as well, I like how passionate Tintin is, and unlike in the English version, Chang doesn't sound like a little kid either. Haddock's actor is good too, especially at cursing. x) Also unsurprisingly all the feels were had.

2)The Dominators, which I know a lot of people don't like but... I actually really enjoyed it? In part for reasons that probably SHOULD have made it bad. But didn't. IDEK.
Let's talk about bickering married villains, adorable killer robots and ugly costumes, but also why the episode spoke to me on a visceral level. )
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2013-10-07 02:19 am

Can't sleep so I'll list everything I did today

Which was not much as I was still feeling a bit meh but...

- slept late.
- talked with my mom, complained about uni stress which for once made me feel a bit better.

- watched two documentaries, one about the Voynich manuscript that was only mildly sensational. One lady was convinced it was done by Leonardo da Vinci as a child based on... nothing, as far as I could tell. *eyeroll* But at least they admitted it didn't work in real life. Also Edward Kelley was in it! :D Even though they found he likely didn't make it either. The second documentary was about Icelandic sagas but I kind of zoned out on it. Needed more feminist critique, imho.
- Also watched the first part of The Vikings since it was on tv. It's very... movie-y visually? Seemed ok if not great, next time I might actually try to NOT do crochet while I watch...

- Talking about which, finished the matching beret for the scarf, did a bunch of leaves to add to the roses and attached them. And then I tried making a pouch for my cellphone, though it came out a bit too large. Still, I was half testing a garn and model anyway so no big loss.
- And then I cleaned my room slightly since a carpenter might visit sometime this week to look at the wall and/or attach some shelves so I needed to reduce clutter on the table and generally make things less embarrassing.

And now I might try sleeping... maybe. >_>
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2013-10-05 04:48 pm

The illogic of bad moods and other things

Had one yesterday that I fought to ignore/damp down all day but it still ended up in a mini-melt down (half-spoiled zucchini being the last straw this time). Feel a bit bad for landlady who had to witness that, but at least she's understanding of these things. Once again, I think how odd it is, knowing perfectly well that I'm feeling bad over things that aren't worth in it in any logical way but that just makes it worse? And then afterwards I just go "Well, that was senseless". Also feel lucky they usually pass quick for me, since it could be so much worse.

Anyway, returned the papers for last course, which I feel pretty ok about, and had the intro for the method course which worries me a bit. I need to do an ethnological observation and write about it for next thursday, and I have no ideas for a theme or what to observe. And after that there's an interview task... somewhat doubting my entire choice of orientation. 8P Though I guess I'm not the only one who things these things are troublesome. I mean, I just read in the course lit that researchers can end up in awkward/unpleasant situations in the field, and then they usually have *some* authority and aren't just like "um I'm doing an university thing so can I stand around creepily and write down things that happen?"

More positive things! I bought a bath bomb from Lush yesterday. Very nice, except for how I needed to clean the tub afterwards to get rid of yellow stains, and also I'm not sure my skin liked it very much. Still, it smelled nice and that was super relaxing. Also had candles! Also finished a scarf I've been making and learned to crochet roses and made two. Used this guide for making the flower heads.

Read more... )
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2013-10-02 05:55 pm
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Feeling much more alive today, have actually dressed up properly and edited two of four home exam papers (due friday). Currently considering walking to center (about 2km) and back to get some stuff. I FEELS like a good idea but I worry I'm overestimating my resources.

Either way, took a bath yesterday! For the first time since I was a kid and could bathe in the plastic children's tub we had. Put in some dried ginger and basil leaves, but I really want to get some actual bath things. Eucalyptus might be nice, if I can find an affordable variant. Now, I think I'll venture to town, and hopefully not cause a setback.
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2013-09-30 03:41 pm
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I'm bored so you get post about not much in particular

Sort of tempted to sign up for a fic exchange of some kind, either the Good Omens Holiday Exchange or Yuletide but... not sure it's a good idea with all the uni work and my lingering writer's block. Does it even count as that if it's lasted for over a year? Also not sure how Yuletide works/if there are any fandoms there I could write. >_>

Last day of the first course of Ethnology II was today, just need to edit three papers before friday morning. When we also have the intro for the next bit which will be empirical practice if I'm not mistaken. Hoping for archives rather than having to look for people to interview. Also apparently the target will be an area in the city that was previously a slaughterhouse district...? Which does not sound super interesting but we'll see.

The funny thing about studying in this field (ethnology and sociology and probably to some extent a lot of humanist fields) is that (if so inclined) you can use it to get a glimpse at the structures that aim to make you miserable. Even if I sometimes feel a bit ridiculous using course literature to dissect my own feelings. But I reckon one uses the tools one has, and sometimes it's nice to get a bit of distance to things.

Still sick, but at least I got some painkillers today so I'll be able to sleep when I want to. Last night I rolled about until 3am before I found one last ibuprofen. And then had to wake up at seven, but better some sleep than none. :P
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2013-09-29 09:55 pm

Once again writing about two weeks

The promised last weekend post and one for this week? Also I'm sick rn so if something doesn't make sense I'll blame that.

Weekend before last the people whose house I live in were traveling so I had the house to myself. Which was nice on one hand and on the other it's a large and slightly labyrinthine. Used the old method of having the radio and/or tv on to not get creeped out when it was dark, and also taiyou_to_tsuki came to stay over for a bit. She'd previously sent me a pdf of the Doctor Who Cookbook (1985) which is a very charming thing with fun illustrations. We tried making Chancellor Flavia's Chicken Favourite (from Dinah Sheridan). I did a bunch of household chores before her arrival, including dinner planning. Very housewifey.

recipe and pictures, also other things that happened )
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2013-09-21 10:03 pm
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(no subject)

I'll write a more thorough weekend post later, but for now... meme! (ganked from gluecookie)

A. Pick 10 of your favorite movies.
B. Then pick one of your favorite quotes from each movie.
C. Post the quotes in your journal.
D. Have those on your friends list try to guess what the movie is.
E. Bold the quote once it has been correctly identified and place the guesser's user name directly after the quote.

So, uh... good luck? It should maybe be noted that... I like comedies. They're all comedies actually. I'D

1. "Red. Red. *Red*. *Red*, Charlie boy. *Red*! Is the color of sex! Burgundy is the color of hot water bottles! Red is the color of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favorite things in life."

2. "The fight! If it all goes wrong, drop the sword, take this off, and throw it at me. Then I say, "The boot! The boot was poisoned!" and die."
Midwinter's Tale/In the Bleak Midwinter, by taiyou_to_tsuki

3. "Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!"
Lilo & Stitch, by taiyou_to_tsuki and 7veils

4. "Oh, him? He's harmless. Back in the sixties, he was part of the free speech movement at Berkeley. I think he did a little too much LDS."
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, by taiyou_to_tsuki and 7veils

5. [speaking squirrel] "Squeaky, uh, squeak, sqeaker, squeakin'."
The Emperor's New Groove, by 7veils

6. "All right. Here's the plan. In the dead of night, you and I grab some provisions, hijack one of those... one of those longboats... and then, we... row back to Spain like there's no mañana!"

7. "Ye can't go walkin' into someone's residence, pokin' about their personal possessions, disruptin' their privacy... That's for Scotland Yard."

8. A: In spite of what you think, Monsieur B, there are professions where practice *does* make perfect.
[hits a high note, causing B's wine glass to shatter, and leaves angrily]
B: What in hell was that?
C: B flat.

Victor/Victoria(1982), by 7veils

9. "Well, I never did like the name Geraldine."
Some Like It Hot, by taiyou_to_tsuki and 7veils

10. X: "I want to get rid of some trash."
[the policeman holds out a wastebasket]
X: "I don't think I'd fit."