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Seems ok, despite my panicking a bit on the first lesson. Less books to read than actually stood on the literature list, which is good. AGAIN we have a completely different and new form of examination which... ok apparently that's how this institute rolls. Doesn't sound THAT bad, although the work will be divided over the entire course so I can't afford to get lazy at any point. Or, you know, depressed. >_>

Just now I took a picture of what I was wearing and it turned out uncommonly cute
like so )
Reasons I love this sweater: 1)It's always cold in this house. Maybe especially so in my room. 2)The colours and shapes on it make me feel like a poisonous beetle. V. dangerous. Or at least bad tasting. =3=
In addition the pattern forms royal lilies on the arms and back. Like that as well.

Now, I need to decide what to wear for going to actually do stuff...
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Visited Mathilda for most of the week, and there was much film watching on the theme of comedies and/or musicals. In order: Little Shop of Horrors, Barbarella, Släpp fångarne loss, det är vår!, My Fair Lady and Blades of Glory. )
Oh, and I bought The Invasion of Time (mostly so I can be pretty screencaps of Andred, no regrets) and started reading and borrowed Harvest of Time. UNIT BBIES.

Got back to my own lodgings yesterday, and nothing terrible had happened while I was away. Yesterday I went out to buy food, and today, I've washed laundry and done long-overdue banking and other money arrangements I've been too stressed to tackle for months. Vital things still to do: Pay for a Swedish ID card to start the process of getting one, put last year's uni books on sale (and look for new ones), call about a possible job and try not to die(oAo), get proof of studies and send to KELA in Finland and pay for new student card, I think. For starters. But most of these are not things that can be done on a sunday anyway, even if I felt like it.

I *should* probably neaten up the room but I feel like I'll just end up putting things in neater piles as there's nowhere proper to put them and it's not very motivating. Land people have been meaning to put in bookshelves since before I moved, but the bookshelf they got was too big and there's been talk of putting some up on the walls but it hasn't happened. I don't blame them for that but... it would be nice to have actual place for books, and other things too. Maybe I should visit Ikea and try to find boxes and things to store stuff better in what spaces I've got in my room, as the current furniture pretty much fills it up. At most I could maybe fit a tiny shelf under or beside the window and against the wardrobe. Also, could talk about this plan to land people to see if they'd be willing to pay for those things.

Unrelatedly, I looked at the clothes I chose for staying-in-day, and realized I'm basically wearing eighties scifi-casual.
Right? )
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from taiyou_to_tsuki

Ask me any of these, and I'll reply in comments; I'll ask you in return, if you like. (You can give me a whole set or single ones)

Questions )

M. asked me 12) What turns you away the most from a fic?

That's hard, because it can be so many things. General bad writing, bad characterization... but the first thing to come to mind is, if the fic seems otherwise ok, a character I like doing something dodgy that feels OC and/or something I don't want to believe they'd do. I've continued reading some fics like that and they turned out ok, but often that's when I hit the back button.
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Feeling conflicted because I've missed Mathilda and other friends in Stockholm, but I'll miss my family as well, and then there's all the stress of trying to be an independent adult that I'd gotten a break of...

Meanwhile, yesterday and today I visited the local municipality center for the yearly fair. Yesterday it was pretty quiet, so mostly we (me, my dad and one sister) visited the library and the traveling amusement park. Which was fun, it's been years since I've got to go on any rides. Even though we just went on five.

Today, I found a book I liked as a child (and had wanted to see again) in the books the library was selling away. I'd forgotten most of the plot, but it's embarrassingly obvious in hindsight why I liked it.

Basically, it's about a family of black cats that unexpectedly gets a ginger kitten, the embarrassment of which is not aided be her being all *different* in behavior too, even being friends with a dog. In the end she leaves home, makes friends and family of her own and becomes a successful rock star, after which there is a reconciliation with her parents who now accept even their ginger grand kids. Also the illustrations are fun and expressive.

some of the illustrations by Josef Wilkon )
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Things that happened:
My mom finished my cape! It is awesome! \¤3¤/ Double awesome considering there was no pattern, only some pictures I found online that were sort of in the direction of what I wanted. Just a couple of final details that need fixing/deciding on.

Meanwhile, myself and my sister did jewellery out of Fimo polymer clay, which was lovely to work with, much easier than I feared. Today's theme was mostly... sea creatures. I'll post pictures once we're done with the batch, I think. :) Also listened to Live 34 while we worked.
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Apparently (while I was still dreaming of being chased by the mongol hordes in an antique car chase in a secret underground tunnel and later Genghis Khan in the form of a giant cartoon cat, typical dream stuff) my mom had tried to start sewing the cape, but alas, the sewing machine didn't work! She concluded it was probably the lamp, so after calling in my brother to help open up the machine and removing the lamp, we looked up places near our area that might sell new ones.

Then, I thought to mention that the previous night when I came to the kitchen right before going to bed, one of the lights had popped and they didn't work after that. So in fact there was nothing wrong with the machine, the fuses had merely died in the parts of the house where my mom tried to use it (the fuses in the kitchen area and utility room are connected apparently).


Aug. 16th, 2013 09:11 pm
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 photo IMG_0042-1.jpg

If all goes well, these will turn into a cape. Wool and satin for the inside (not the classiest satin ever, but it was cheap and I'd already splurged on the wool a bit.) Ideally I wanted to find reddish brown herringbone, but mostly only found tartans and/or greyish brown fabrics. This might have been the ONLY herringbone I encountered, in fact. Also, both fabrics came out the wrong colour in the photo, the blue is bluer and the turquoise is less.
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While listening to music:
"Oh, this song doesn't work for any of the (three) playlist I'm already working on but it would be great for X! :D" And then I have two more. :P Currently: General multi-era Doctor/Master, Shalka!D/M, Yates/Benton (using pre-nineties music) and since yesterday 11th Doctor playlist and possibly one for Ben/Polly ... oh, and all last night was spent working on a crack!playlist for Three/Delgado!Master that I intended not for general consumption but we'll see how it turns out. (ETA: Have since finished and am v. proud of it, but IS there even a way to share fanmixes besides 8track these days? And if this one isn't played in order it kind of loses it's point, I feel...)

In other news, went shopping yesterday, got: modelling clay (there was a 4 of anything with one free sale >3>), in colours of mint, translucent red (whatever that means), marble (white with black bits and glitter) and fluorescent. It really glows a radioactive green in the dark! ¤3¤ Also got two different kind of earring bases. I'm a bit concerned how hard the clay is to work with (it's Fimo). After I got home it turned out we also had a bunch of packages of Cernit so. What do I do with all these modelling clays??? Besides making tentacle earrings. And mini foods are always cute too.

Also got some new socks. Overknee (not that they ever stay that high up without rolling down) blue ones and charcoal tights that turned out to have a corduroy-like texture when on. Sooft <3
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Today it was warm and sunny, so myself and my sister E. went to swim in the nearest lake, where we invented water yoga poses (the best one was probably the couch potato, in which one folds their hands behind their head and folds their knees) and practiced a graceful handstand + forward roll in water which I was better at and doing whale imitations which my sister found easier. And then we stood still and tried to get fish to nip at our feet which was pretty easy actually. Though my sister found it kind of creepy, I just felt they tickled a bit, and the cuteness overrode that. Bby fish <3

She's 19 and I'm 26. No regrets.
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Things this week:
Monday: Saw a friend, ate quite nice Indian buffet (yum) and then we went to her house and watched Lilo & Stitch and The Rise of the Guardians. The first was just as awesome as I'd been led to believe, both for various representational reasons (Awesome POC! As the majority of relevant and positive characters! Awesome female character who was not stick-thin in a central role! Wheee) and because it was simply well done story and animation and all. More about that )

Meanwhile, The Rise of the Guardians was... ok, but I think it suffered from the comparison. The animation was lovely, the characters were cute enough but... the story and character dynamics were nothing new, and I don't think it would really stand up to any kind of feminist or post-colonial critique. (I mean, the cast is overwhelmingly male and white, so). Which is not exactly unusual either, but still. That said, there was something about Jude Law playing a bad guy. He has a nice voice. =A=

Tuesday: Slept until criminally late even for me so nothing much happened, except that I walked to the library and borrowed a giant pile of CD's (14) in the hopes of finding new music and/or new music to use in fanmixes I've been working on. I need to go back for more sometime...

And Today: Watched Face of Evil with my sister and it was good. Leelaaa~ She is awesome. Meanwhile, Four is a jerk but I think I'm starting to warm up to him as such. I mean, he does do dumb stuff (in an environment where Leela actually often knows better and against her advice) but then it generally leads to bad stuff/needing to be saved by her. Ha. And just, picking a random example of Leelawsome, "Oh you say the world is ending? No use covering on the floor then! *gets on with things*"

Also it amuses me that spoilers )

Next, I'm going to watch Leela's last serial because I do what I want. Also I want to do cute Leela/Andred stuff. >3>
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There's this new song by Jonna Tervomaa that... might be actually kind of cliched but works for me, so I did a quick translation of the lyrics.

translation of lyrics )

Also, painted my nails tardisy today, a bit to honour the newest Doctor reveal. :)
 photo f27ae184-4e97-49ab-b20b-d0147832433d.jpg
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So, what have I done last week... nothing productive. I did finally manage to purchase new shoes, which are like my old shoes but black. I didn't even try any other size because I assumed they'd fit me, but now they actually seem to be long enough that the tip bends when I walk and rubs at the top of my toes. I can just hope that'll stop once the leather softens.

Yesterday I scanned a bunch of old pictures, both of me and my parents' childhood/youth. I find class pictures especially interesting for seeing old fashions. Still, I ended up scanning so much I now have a hard time deciding what to post, and I have some older scans too... *sigh* Already posted a few that were just of me on tumblr. Not that I know anyone is even interested in this, but if I worried about that more than I do already I'd never post anything.

Just now I was scrolling back to see if I could find that previous post, but only found a bunch of other old embarrassing posts. Funny seeing that things regularly had +10 comments. And I was just as bad at replying back then as now. Which I honestly feel rather terrible about (now, not much I can do about then). But I leave it off and then it's been so long it seems worse to reply than not...

Oh, and I listened to the first two parts of Welcome to Night Vale the other day when I was feeling really awful. So I'm not sure if it'll work for me or not. Back then I mostly felt sort of tired and melancholic and listening to WtNV didn't change that but... I have to try again in a different mood I guess.
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Like I said, there are no pictures of people (except me, at home in my costume) because I went alone and was too shy to ask anyone. But I'll post some links to pictures I found online even so close to the event.
I worked for eight hours (four hour shift on two days) in the large cloakroom, which was pretty easy work for the most part and gave me free entrance. And I could talk to people, which was also cool.

pictures of my costume from friday, human!Bessie )
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Dad (hovering in the kitchen area): "Where's the... lion?"
Mom: "Knife? Scissors? ... Cheese slicer?"
Dad: "Yes."
Me: "Lion?!"
Mom: "Here you can see we've been married for over twenty years."

*headshake* I don't even.

Meanwhile... went to Ropecon, might make a more detailed post about that another time. Didn't really take any pictures (too shy to ask) so I'm hoping some might appear online later so I could link you :'D. But if not I'll just write it. Turns out there's a Sherlock Holmes "half-academic" lecture day/fan event at Turku next saturday, tempted to go though scared to check what the train tickets would cost me.
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 photo IMG_1241.jpg

Presumably someone has done this before, but behold, the yummiest dessert to be made from bananas, strawberries and a bit of water (or juice/ice-tea/fluid sort of thing in a taste of choice). Does it count as sorbet? I'm not sure.

Essentially, you take one or two (one makes enough for two, really) or however much bananas you want, also take about a handful or more of strawberries (can also chop already frozen strawberries), chop them, freeze them and then turn them into paste (add a dash of fluid here). I've used a hand blender but presumably one of those cup thingies would be even easier. Today I did this but added fresh mint from my aunt's garden that I got while we visited her today and it was even more delicious.

If the strawberries aren't very sweet or you like really sweet desserts, might want to add a bit of sugar or honey, but I haven't felt the need for that at all.

some other pictures, mostly of my aunt's cats and garden stuff )
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I mean, I still have bit over a week and only need a skirt. Anyway, going to cosplay human!Bessie at Ropecon (26th-28th)! So basically Edwardian lady with a yellow skirt, presuming I can find suitable yellow fabric... and if I feel it I guess I could try to crotchet a tiny Three.

Today went shopping, tried to find gifts to sisters but didn't find anything fun. Just got some folders and I'll let them pick a squiddie or something. At least K. was complaining she needed more folders and E. will be starting studies in autumn too...

Besides that, found some things on sale at the cheap store (like dollar store but not with dollars? idek). Lemon yellow and warm mint green nail polish and some mint green hair accessories. I like mint green. Also the headband has cherries and strawberries and white lacey patterns on!

talking about nailpolish, I finally got a really nice blue )
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I have this terrible habit of readings fic for fandoms where I haven't and might never actually see the canon because... it's there/seems interesting.

This time, after coming across some fanarts and gifsets and whatnot from Life of Mars I thought I'd just try reading some Gene/Sam fics. I mean, what could it hurt, right? RIGHT.

8 I (Also I now both want to see this series and know it will break my heart. Maybe if I just see PART of it... and that's assuming I could get my hands on it anyway. Without monies. If not I can just put it off to the distant future where I have extra money to use of things I might not actually watch. IOW probably never).

So far, halotolerant's fics have been nice. Wonder if they're a lot fluffier than canon, but nice. And then I read Undiscovered Country by fightingthecage and the first part of the series ends in a really dramatic and emotional cliffhanger and the one after only has 2 chapters and I don't even know how it will end. Cracking here... I think I'm going to read Javert/Valjean fics from that author's bookmarks because clearly I need more tragic ships in my life. *cries and laughs*
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I warned you. So, like I wrote yesterday a few days ago, I was on a walk late at night and Silence is Golden by The Tremeloes came on, and gave me ship feels.

Admittedly, the story suggested is a tad more melodramatic than my headcanon for the Benton-Yates-Jo triangle (though I could just about see that fic too, and also now kind of want Jo to find out about all the angst years later and be all "oh you poor silly boys D:" because she would)
However, I do, in a masochistic sort of way, like the idea of a lot of Benton and Yates' relationship problems stemming from lack of communication and/or forced secrecy, so in that sense the song fits them and gives me feeeelsss. cut for moar ramblings )

When I think about it, the end part is rather similar to my Tegan/Nyssa headcanon where they are reunited after many years, once Nyssa has spent the best years of her life putting Terminus in order and retires to Australia (getting a lift there from... someone). And then things are v. awkward before they get better. : 3

Others things:
On 13th I went shopping with my mom and sisters. Got a black shrug, some silvery-grey thread and blue nail polish. Tried to find shoes but the selection was a bit terrible. blah blah shoes )

Also saw The Rings of Akhaten today on tv. Apart from the skeevy stalking bit, I kind of like it, even if it's just because I'm weak to lush alien worlds and costumes and pretty music. Also touching monologues it had those too! spoilery bit )
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Since last:
- Drew Three and companions in the style of this one. Should do Two as well (at least) before posting but... kind of not inspired? I have an idea but it feels too similar to One's and therefore boring. :I
- Watched a series of documentaries about Italian gardens. Now want to go see Garden of Bomarzo and Gardens of Ninfa. I mean, Romantic historical garden with ACTUAL real roman/medieval ruins. ¤A¤ *sigh*
I guess I put that on the dream list...
- Took pictures of sisters in their graduation dresses and hats. Also got some pictures of myself so mom could have a new one to display.

Also... apparently there is a series about (famous) hotels on tv with Richard E. Grant. An episode was on tv today and the theme was... sex. So basically Richard E. Grant talking about sex a lot. But some of the stuff was pretty sexist. So I'm not sure what to feel. And in that theme, then I got on tumblr and came across this clip of Jon Pertwee getting a massage while lying on a sofa. Apparently naked. And then a ventilator fan falls on him so that kind of spoils the mood but what comes before that is still way too hot why. I.

World stahp. TOTALLY UNRELATEDLY I wonder if it's too late to take a nice cooling walk. EDIT: did, then heard a song on the radio that gave me Yates/Benton feels and now I want to talk about ideas/headcanons I have for them but not actually write fic because that's too hard. Would that be obnoxious though... =~=
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Yesterday I took the train to the community center, which is pretty small potatoes but after being cooped up at home for more than a week it felt very refreshing. Ended an insurance that no longer applied since I moved to Sweden, my sister fixed a bank problem and then we just looked around at the library and shops.

I bought some drawing paper and a tiny bottle nail polish and she found a Doctor Who novel of all things, in the discount bin (for only 5euros). The Clockwise Man by Justin Richards, which is about Nine and Rose in 1920s England. It's a bit weird to read in Finnish, especially when the Doctor uses Finnish slang words. Which made me wonder what sort of "northern" accent he'd have in Finnish anyway. :'D

Also, finally made a selling post for the squiddies and then right after I heard that paypal accounts can get frozen if you try to access them from another country. I don't have a lot of money there atm but I'd rather not lose it, and besides if there's any sales I might need it... I guess I'll worry about that if there's any interest. Also there was another potential problem getting the money from paypal to my normal account, but my brother promised to test it with his.

Meanwhile, while I'm here I have some manga I'd like to sell as well but... that I think I'd rather do in Finland. Not sure where to start though. Somewhere online would probably be most profitable. I'll have to look into it.

Incidentally, yarns I want to buy while I'm here:
One of these "brook"-yarns, saw some of the colours at a dollar store and though I was a bit iffy on the colour combinations they had a lovely smooth feel to them.

Also, while I was looking for them online, came across this "milkshake" series and especially the multicoloured ones seem super adorable. And they're bamboo mix! ¤A¤ (mind, need to get my hands on them to see how they feel irl)

What do you mean I don't need new yarns??? ;=A=;


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