Jul. 17th, 2013

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I have this terrible habit of readings fic for fandoms where I haven't and might never actually see the canon because... it's there/seems interesting.

This time, after coming across some fanarts and gifsets and whatnot from Life of Mars I thought I'd just try reading some Gene/Sam fics. I mean, what could it hurt, right? RIGHT.

8 I (Also I now both want to see this series and know it will break my heart. Maybe if I just see PART of it... and that's assuming I could get my hands on it anyway. Without monies. If not I can just put it off to the distant future where I have extra money to use of things I might not actually watch. IOW probably never).

So far, halotolerant's fics have been nice. Wonder if they're a lot fluffier than canon, but nice. And then I read Undiscovered Country by fightingthecage and the first part of the series ends in a really dramatic and emotional cliffhanger and the one after only has 2 chapters and I don't even know how it will end. Cracking here... I think I'm going to read Javert/Valjean fics from that author's bookmarks because clearly I need more tragic ships in my life. *cries and laughs*
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I mean, I still have bit over a week and only need a skirt. Anyway, going to cosplay human!Bessie at Ropecon (26th-28th)! So basically Edwardian lady with a yellow skirt, presuming I can find suitable yellow fabric... and if I feel it I guess I could try to crotchet a tiny Three.

Today went shopping, tried to find gifts to sisters but didn't find anything fun. Just got some folders and I'll let them pick a squiddie or something. At least K. was complaining she needed more folders and E. will be starting studies in autumn too...

Besides that, found some things on sale at the cheap store (like dollar store but not with dollars? idek). Lemon yellow and warm mint green nail polish and some mint green hair accessories. I like mint green. Also the headband has cherries and strawberries and white lacey patterns on!

talking about nailpolish, I finally got a really nice blue )


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