May. 7th, 2013

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I'm starting to accumulate a build-up of fanart that I should make a post of sometime soon... just need to be in the right mood for that.

I don't recall if I've mentioned I've acquired a fondness for nail polish after shunning it for years= ? Today, I happened to see that H&M is having an almost 50% sale on my favourite brand of nail polish (of
the two I've actually tried *cough*) so I went over there to get a colour I've been coveting for a while.

Or rather, I've been trying to decide between several different bright/pale greens. In the end I decided this blue green was more likely to match other stuff I have/might acquire and also it's called Atlantis which reminds me of the Time Monster (and therefore the Worst OTP) and makes me gleeful.

picture! And some other nail stuff )

And then later I made dessert. Tried making a cup chocolate cake and fake banana ice cream* the other day and 1)the cake turned out like a chocolatey sponge (yuk) 2)the bananacream was ok but there was too much of it so today I just made the browney and a smaller portion of bananacream with no chocolate in it.

Not sure it's the prettiest dessert ever but tasted ok. )

EDIT: Almost forgot, I found out about this music video yesterday from Nostalgia Chick's top 10 music videos of the 90s-video, and it is very lovely:

And reminded me of Coldplay's video for Strawberry Swing which is less epic but rather cute still:


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