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I mean, I still have bit over a week and only need a skirt. Anyway, going to cosplay human!Bessie at Ropecon (26th-28th)! So basically Edwardian lady with a yellow skirt, presuming I can find suitable yellow fabric... and if I feel it I guess I could try to crotchet a tiny Three.

Today went shopping, tried to find gifts to sisters but didn't find anything fun. Just got some folders and I'll let them pick a squiddie or something. At least K. was complaining she needed more folders and E. will be starting studies in autumn too...

Besides that, found some things on sale at the cheap store (like dollar store but not with dollars? idek). Lemon yellow and warm mint green nail polish and some mint green hair accessories. I like mint green. Also the headband has cherries and strawberries and white lacey patterns on!

H&M's Blue My Mind which is a cheap polish that was 50% off so. Well why not. I've been wanting this shade for a while anyway. Was a bit sticky to apply, especially the second coat, and not very durable (someday I will invest in a proper topcoat) because it was already chipped the next morning... but asfdsfd I love this colour.

 photo IMG_1089.jpg

It's sort of... ultramarine? Though not a very dark one? Also it's going to be my Tardis blue because I like it and I'm pretty sure the thing has been this shade at SOME point. x3
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