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So... last week has been rather horrible, and that feeling has struck with a vengeance again today, so while I was going to apply to a (yet another) long shot guide job and/or jobs I don't really want... I'll pass unless I start feeling better. Not sure if the stress of financial troubles is getting to me or if it's just that week before my period where my hormones for some reason like to make me depressed, or both.

Anyway, yesterday was spent eating too much cake and watching a bunch of Ainley!Master serials. I have to say, after watching Logopolis and Castrovalva in a row my brain was hurting from trying to follow the stories... gluecookie suggested that maybe the plot itself ALSO suffered from entropy. That WOULD explain the giant plotholes, I suppose.

Hmm, where do I even start... I almost feel like I should just make a list of all the wtf points in the plots?

Like the fact the first episode is basically "Tardis needs to be taken to the garage so Doctor and Adric mess about measuring a policebox, meanwhile new character and her polarbear wearing aunt have mariginally more interesting conflict, also concerning car trouble." Well, that's still more boring than wtf.

But then...
- The Master's Tardis is inside a policebox that is inside the Doctor's tardis which looks like a police box (also he kills some random people and giggles a lot for...reasons???)
- Doctor thinks putting the Tardis underwater and opening the doors is a good idea???
- The Watcher. Ice with the watcher. Except, can we talk about how Nyssa felt it was totally a great idea to let this creepy white guy transport her to supposedly meet the Doctor? Nyssa what.

- Logopolis. The planet of math hipsters whose SUPERIOR MIND CALCULATIONS are... the only thing keeping the universe together (by punching holes is said univ. and dumping entropy to others. Um)? For ONCE the Master's reaction of dramatic disbelief actually felt justified. Also I'm pretty sure the computer room looked like the Pharos project's because of some embarrassing fanboy thing that Monitor just couldn't admit to (or more likely the plothole was just too big to reveal). And then the Master accidentally destroyed a third of the universe well done u guys.

Otherwise he (the Master) mostly just acted like a five-year old. I mean, that message, it would take millions of years to get ANYWHERE wth was he thinking?

Also, somehow the Doctor's death felt a bit like "I'm falling, I'm falling... no I got hold of the structure! No wait creepy future me told me I'm supposed to die. Ok then *drops*" Eh. Glad I'm not a bigger fan of four or I'd be really pissed. =A= Five jumping up like a cheery rabbit at the end doesn't help the mood either.

Which gets us to Castrovalva which is possibly even more random. So random it was kind of cute. So let's list cute moments!

- Peter Davison imitating older Doctors. One was the cutest eeh~
- Five finding the cricket room. Not sure if funny or terrifying (poor Doctor)
- Tardis: Oh noes Doctor is sick here DRUGS!!1! *spits a drug stash from wall at Five*
- Apparently Tardis walls can bleed... red stuff when things are really wrong with her?! ;o_o; Who knew. Ok that is more horrifying but I'm listing it anyway.

- Tegan and Nyssa on a walk with their new baby Fivepod Doctor. D'aww. Too bad it turned into the worst picnic ever...
- The Master cackling about how his plans need to "mature". Oh darling you didn't have one, did you?
- Also his temper tantrum at the Fivepod that he thought contained the Doctor. *why can i not open dis doctor box hissss!!! oAo* oh bby.
- Not to mention "MY WEEEEEEEEEEB!!! D8"
*wipes tears*

I'd seen Planet of Shorts... I mean Fire before, so I mostly admired how pretty everything (Lanzarote, the light, the actors and their costumes) was on a proper screen and with good resolution. And Five's goodbyes to Turlough were actually less cold than I remembered, I think I missed a key phrase of Turlough's that showed it really was his decision to leave rather than the Doctor actively pushing him away.

It was agreed that the lowest moment's of the Master's career (of many low moments) was probably being the size of a mouse and almost getting squished to death by Peri's shoe. Also I'm forever laughing at the fact that his explanation to getting minisized was "experimenting" with the TCE. Hm.

Also then we watched Survival which... is Survival.
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